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In a traditional time-keeping enduro, riders leave together in groups or rows, and each row starts at a certain minute. The object of the event is to arrive at pre-defined locations according to a strict schedule. Early or late arrivals result in the riders’ scores being penalized. Throughout a day there will also be allocated periods for refuelling and servicing the machine. Penalties apply for not meeting defined times or for outside-assistance when not permitted.

EnduroCompetition Steward

Enduro John Davis 

Youth/Family Enduro  Bill McGibbon


2014 Enduro Schedule
04/27/2014 Rnd-1 Sawmill Enduro flyer results
05/04/2014 Rnd-2 Fools Gold Enduro flyer route results
05/10/2014 Rnd-2 49'er Family Enduro flyer route results
05/17/2014 Rnd-1 Wild Piglet Family Enduro flyer route results
09/27/2014 Rnd-3 Wild Pony Family Enduro flyer route results
09/28/2014 Rnd-3 Wild Horse Enduro flyer route results
10/04/2014 Rnd-4 Buckhorn Family Enduro -CANCELED results
10/05/2014 Rnd 4 Buckhorn Enduro - CANCELED results
10/19/2014 Rnd-5 Jackhammer Enduro flyer route results
10/26/2014 Rnd-6 49'er Enduro - CANCELED flyer route results
11/01/2014 Rnd-7 Cowbell Enduro flyer route results
11/09/2014 Rnd-8 WFO Enduro flyer results
11/23/2014 Rnd 6 Bearfoot Family Enduro flyer route results
12/07/2014 Rnd-5 Crazy Miner Family Enduro Rescheduled flyer route results