District 36 Annual Meeting

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The District 36 Annual Meeting is coming up September 8, 2018.  The Annual meeting is held to award meet dates for 2019 and to elect the 2019 Board of Directors.  Attendance at this meeting is mandatory for all District 36 Chartered Clubs and/or Promoters wanting sanctioned meet dates for the upcoming year (ref: D36 Operations Manual, Section 1, paragraph 1.3).

Clubs and promoters planning on meet dates for 2019 please review the Club / Promoter Information Package.  Here you will find forms and information you will need to Charter or Renew your charter with District 36 as well as AMA forms needed to sanction your meet(s).  After Reviewing the information package, should you have any questions please contact your discipline steward or the Director Of Competition and have them answered before the meeting.  Meet date questions should be directed to Jeff Irwin, the Sanction Steward.  You can find officials contact information on our D36 Contact Us Page.

Monthly Meeting

The regularly scheduled monthly meeting will be still be held the third Wednesday of the month on September 19th.

The Annual Sanction will be held at:

American Legion Hall
320 N. Washington St
Lodi, CA 95240.

Sanction meeting starts at 9:00

Meeting Location

Meet Cancellations

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With all the destructive forest fires in northern California this year it seems most are hitting our prime OHV riding areas and this has affected our fall events.

However, we want to dispel any rumors about events being cancelled and ask that you wait for official notice.  We currently have two meets that have cancelled due to the fires, both enduros:

The Jackhammer Enduro
The Bearfoot Family Enduro

While it may be that others events may cancel, it’s also possible that they may not.  They could relocate or maybe run in their respective areas anyway depending on the severity of the fires and/or the Forest Service requirements/restrictions.

So please don’t speculate and start or spread rumors because this does nothing but hurt the attendance if an event isn’t cancelled.

We will do everything we can to get the word out  on cancellations but not until we get official word from our clubs and promoters.

District 36

Jackhammer Enduro Flyer Posted!

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The Oakland Motorcycle Club, host of the Jackhammer Enduro, Round 4 of the D36- IRC Tire Championship Enduro Series, have posted the announcement flyer.  

Stuff To Know……….

This is a Timekeeping Format Enduro. 

Don’t forget to bring your current AMA and District 36 Membership cards to the meet.  If you need to renew or purchase either or both they will be available at sign-ups.  One day cards will also available at the meet only.  You may join or renew your District 36 membership HERE  and/or join or renew your AMA Membership HERE (be sure to print out your receipt as proof of membership and keep with you until you receive your membership card(s)).   NOTE:  if the Enduro or next event you plan on attending is less than 21 days away don’t join through mail in…give yourself extra time at sign-ups and join or renew at the meet.

Date:    Sunday October 29, 2017

Place:    Fouts Springs Staging Area…9 Miles west of Stonyford, CA  
Key Time:      7:30 am  <<<<<<<<<<<<NOTE!!

Mail-in Entry closes  October 25th
Drawing October 18th
Post Entry will be available at the Meet

See flyer for details and an entry form

Jackhammer Flyer

Map to Jackhammer

 srt 707
norcalktm1-300x91-1 dirtdiggers-300x295 Logo-for-ICO-Racing-small
 GOT  KTM-WV-300x116


 Please support our sponsors that support you 

Federal Agency Seeks Comments On Ethanol-Blended Fuel!

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Reprint with Permission from AMA

Federal agency seeks comments on ethanol-blended fuel
Submit today!

Take Action by Aug. 31

The Renewable Fuel Standard proposal announced July 5 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency shows a slight reduction from the 2017 obligations but does not reflect the agency’s promise to listen to motorcyclists, who have registered a low demand for higher ethanol blends.

The EPA should lower the 2018 volumes even further than proposed when the final rule is issued this year. The current proposed volumes, even though they are 1 percent lower than the 2017 volumes, would still greatly increase the risk of inadvertent misfueling for motorcyclists and all-terrain vehicle owners by continuing the increased availability of higher-ethanol fuel blends that are unsafe for these vehicles, such as E15 (15 percent ethanol by volume).

Act now by submitting comments to voice your concern. The deadline is Aug. 31.

The EPA’s proposed Renewable Volume Obligations call for 19.24 billion gallons of biofuel for 2018, down from 19.28 billion gallons this year.

Of the 19.24 billion gallons of biofuels proposed for 2018, 15 billion gallons would be conventional renewables, primarily corn ethanol, with lesser amounts of conventional biodiesel and renewable diesel.

What is jeopardized by the proposed rule is consumer choice at the fuel pump. Pressure from the ethanol industry to distribute more high-ethanol fuels, like E15, endangers the ready availability of E10 and threatens to eliminate E0 altogether, the only fuel recommended for older and vintage motorcycles.

Per the proposed rule, “When estimating per gallon costs, we consider the costs of ethanol on an energy equivalent basis to gasoline (i.e., per energy equivalent gallon), since more ethanol gallons must be consumed to go the same distance as gasoline due to the ethanol’s lower energy content.”

Many consumers want E0 for their motorcycles, ATVs, boats, lawn mowers and other equipment, because it does not pose the risk of alcohol-related engine and fuel system damage. The proposed rule does not mention these types of vehicles or small engines whatsoever. It mentions only marine recreationists as users of E0. Yet, the renewable fuels requirements have marginalized E0 in favor of E10 or higher blends.

Moreover, the EPA acknowledges the amount of E0 sales originally was estimated to be about 200 million gallons. The revised numbers place the figure at about 500 million gallons.

Also important, the proposed rule mentions the likelihood of misfueling with higher ethanol blends only once. In the 2017 rule, it was never mentioned. This is the same misfueling mitigation plan that initially mandated an ill-conceived four-gallon minimum fuel purchase to address the concerns raised by the AMA. It is still easily misunderstood, misapplied or ignored by state governments and retail operators.

Fuels with higher ethanol content must adhere to federal labeling rules. Pump labeling is confusing at best, yet extremely important to protect against inadvertent misfueling. Some retailers conflate the EPA-approved E15 label with the Federal Trade Commission-approved label. (There is only one approved label for E15.) One unapproved label being used incorrectly refers to E15 as a “Flex Fuel.” This label circumvents the Reid Vapor Pressure restrictions that prohibit the sale of E15 fuel in certain parts of the country during the summer months.

The draft proposal fails to mention the Misfueling Mitigation Plan or problems with blender pump labeling.

The EPA opened a comment period to allow the public to voice its opinion on the proposed rule. And the AMA has the tools to make it easy for you to submit comments.

There is nothing more powerful than tens of thousands of riders joining together to express their concern with unsafe fuel for their machines.

Now more than ever, it is crucial that you and your riding friends become members of the AMA to help protect our riding freedoms. More members mean more clout against the opponents of motorcycling. That support will help fight for your rights – on the road, trail, racetrack, and in the halls of government. If you are a motorcycle rider, join the AMA at www.americanmotorcyclist.com/membership/join.

Please share with your friends on Facebook.

 Take Action by Aug. 31 

Dirt Track Racing in Full Swing!

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The District 36 Championship Dirt Track Series races are half way through the season with ten more races to go.

Currently in the open A class Tony Meiring  and Christian Spurgeon are tied for 1st with 107 points each, while Hunter Brooks is close behind with 99 Points.

In the Kids division 85cc class A racers, Dominic Demario leads 2nd place Chad Spurgeon with Zayne Kannal in 3rd.  The C 85cc class is standing at a tie between Austin Castenada and  Dylan Powell with Andrew Griswold close behind.

There’s lots more classes and to see all the results go to the Dirt Track Page.  Here you will also see a schedule of the remaining races.  So if you’re a Dirt Tracker that’s not on the scoreboard and want to be or one looking to race in an organized series, it’s not too late to get in on some great racing in the District 36 Championship Series.

Not a racer…Dirt Track, due to the close in nature of the sport, is exciting to watch so check the schedule and get out to the races!






Photos by Dave Bickle

Progress On Re-Opening Clear Creek

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The House of Representatives, by a unanimous  bi-partisan vote, passed HR 1913, a bill to re-open our beloved Clear Creek Management Area to OHV’s.

As you know the CCMA was “temporarily” closed in 2008 with the stroke of one pen.  Now, nine years later and taking an act of congress to reverse that order, we are now a few steps away from getting a nationally known premiere riding area re-opened.

The next step is to the Senate and rumors are favorable.  Then on to the President.  Most of you know the Presidents sons ride motorcycles.  KTM is their brand……

Hopefully this will help……………

For the full Story see this article By: Rep. Jimmy Panetta

Dave Pickett
District 36 LAO Officer

Stewards of the Sierra National Forest Dual Sport – July 14th-16th

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Stewards of the Sierra National Forest

8th Annual

Adventure Bike & Dual Sport Ride

Membership Drive & BBQ Fundraiser


July 14 – 15 – 16

Elks Lodge in Oakhurst, California 


Big Bike Adventure Ride (Optional)

On Saturday, and Sunday there will be a Self Guided Big Bike Adventure ride through the Sierra National Forest. GPS tracks (Garmin bring your cable) will be provided which will consist of great back roads and trails throughout the area. The routes will be approximately 200 miles Saturday and 100 miles on Sunday. Optional hard way splits for the more experienced riders.

 Dual Sport Adventure Ride (Optional)

On Saturday and Sunday there will be a Self-Guided Dual Sport Adventure ride through the Sierra National Forest. Roll Charts and GPS tracks (Garmin bring your cable) will be provided which will consist of great back roads and trails throughout the area. The route will be approximately 120 miles on Saturday and 100 miles on Sunday. Optional hard way splits for the more experienced riders.


Get The Flyer

Enter Online

Each Entry includes: 

  • Saturday Night Bar-B-Q
  • Big Bike Adventure Route
  • Dual Sport Route
  • T Shirt
  • Awards
  • Membership To The SOTSNF
  •     Saturday Night Raffle For Exciting Swag And Prizes

David 559.770.5884  /  Ed: 559.779.9183  /  Mike: 831.801.1111




SB 249 – A Huge Threat To The California OHV Program

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The California OHV Program is a nationally recognized program that is in serious jeopardy with Senate Bill 249 looming.  If enacted this Bill would gut the OHV funding and essentially kill the OHV program.  So we need to TAKE ACTION NOW!

Currently the OHV Program is self-funded, taking no money out of the General Fund.  The OHV Program receives it’s funding through a small percentage of gas tax, State Vehicle Recreation Areas (SVRAs) entrance fees and vehicle registrations (green and red stickers).  SB 249, if enacted would direct all that money to the general fund and California’s only self-sustaining user funded program would fail to get the funding to continue.

There are lobby groups and several OHV Friendly organizations working to fight this bill but they NEED OUR HELP!  We ALL NEED to contact our Senators and Assembly Representatives to voice our concerns and ask that they not pass this bill.

Two ways to act (do both!!):

Contact your Senator and Assemblyman directly by email or phone and ask them to please not support this bill that would devastate the OHV Program.

Find your Senator

And use the AMA letter generator by going HERE

WE wouldn’t keep pestering you but this is one of the most devastating  bills to ever be presented, a bill that would kill the only Self Funded program that has worked for years in California.  Imagine Prairie City SVRA or Carnegie or even your favorite riding area in the national forest Closed due to lack of funds.

Please ACT NOW!

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