Barefoot Family Enduro Route Sheet Posted!

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Date:  November 19, 2017  <<<This weekend!
Key Time:  9am
Location:  Fouts Springs, CA (see link to map below)

The Richmond Ramblers MC has posted the Route Sheet for their upcoming Bearfoot Family Enduro,  Round 5, and the final round of the 2017 District 36-IRC Tire Championship Youth / Family Enduro Series.

Some need to know stuff:

  • No AMA Card needed to enter and ride this event!!!!
  • No- noxious weeds enforced!!  Bikes must be clean / washed.
  • District 36 Membership is required.
  • Key Time is 9:00 am
  • This is a Timekeeping Enduro.
  • USFS approved Spark Arrestors are required.
  • A current and valid OHV Registration Sticker or license plate is required (affixed to the bike).
  • Must pass a Sound test not to exceed 96 dba (101 dba for vintage bikes – pre 1986).
  • Remote Gas…Gas transport leaves at 8:00 am sharp.  Be sure to have your DOT gas can on the trailer before!
  • Jart Charts available.
  • Mail in entries closed.  Entries will be available at the event.

Helpful Links:

Bearfoot Route Sheet

Bearfoot Flyer

Directions to the Bearfoot


 srt 707
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