•  Crazy Miner - Fools Gold

    Enduro Weekend Volunteer Sign-Up

    Saturday May 5, 2018 /  Sunday May 6, 2018


    Volunteer help in putting on both the Crazy Miner Family Enduro (Saturday May 5th) and the Fools Gold full Enduro (Sunday May 6th) is invaluable and the events cannot be done without it!

    Please  Complete the below form to let us know what days you can help and what your job preference is. (we cannot guarantee you would get the job of your choice but will make ever effort to try)

    Thank you in advance for joining us in this undertaking!

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  • In the next box (#4) below this question you have the option to list by item (line) number your preferred order of choices. For example if your preferred order is: 1st-Work at Sign-ups, 2nd-Work a Road Crossing, 3rd-work a Standard Check - you would list your preference as 11-10-8.
  • for Example: 9-8-7 would indicated you prefer a tie-breaker check, then a standard check, assist in a course section, in that order. If no preference skip this question
  • For example..will you have a 4-wheel drive and be able to go out and retrieve broken motorcycles, assist with traffic control, or ??
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  • Thank you for volunteering and completing this form that will greatly assist in organizing the work force.  As you can see from the above questions there is a lot of things that need to get done and these Events would not be possible without club members and friends stepping up to help out. If you know of anyone else that would join us please share the link to this Volunteer Sign-Up Form. You will be contacted well before the May Enduro Weekend to confirm your commitment and advised on what we need you to do.