Championship Enduro Top 20 A & B Class Riders

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After three rounds this spring of the 2018 Championship Enduro series, the Sawmill rounds 1 & 2 and the Fools Gold round 3, the Standing for the A & B Class have been calculated and are now posted.  The C Class Standings will be posted very soon.

Listed here are the top 20 riders in the A & B classes with three rounds under the back wheel.  With 5 more rounds to go in the fall we wish all the Competitors the best and, as they say,…..”May the best riders win!”

For the complete standings list go to the Enduro Page of this Website.  Note:  On the points list some show a “W” (work points) for both days on the Sawmill but only one day will actually count for work points.  Each round is considered a separate event in the series and work points are only awarded for one event per season.


Top 20 A Enduro Riders

  1. Gabriel Ellis
  2. Cory Graffunder
  3. Andrew Souza
  4. Kyle Boardman
  5. Joel Burkett
  6. Anson Maloney
  7. AJ Lehr
  8. Steven Godman
  9. Dante Oliveira
  10. Jacob jt Baker
  11. Adam Froman
  12. Riley Doyle
  13. Drew Lehr
  14. Vaughn Wilk
  15. Travis Coy
  16. Kenny Pedersen
  17. Brandon Magann
  18. Terra Conlon
  19. Steve Anderson
  20. Ron McDonnell
Top 20 B Enduro Riders

  1. Matthew Thompson
  2. Logan McChesney
  3. Cameron King
  4. Eli Ruggiero
  5. Joe Machi
  6. Korey Svardal
  7. Jason Wagner-Jauregg
  8. Ryan Fauci
  9. Kolby Silkwood
  10. Chase Esty
  11. Brandon George
  12. Matt Garrett
  13. Anthony Ferrante
  14. Kevin Bohn
  15. Craig Dieterich
  16. Trevor Froman
  17. Bryan Tavares
  18. John Davis
  19. Alan Hannum
  20. Perry Cheney