Cross Country

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Traditionally a hare scramble can vary in length and time with the contestants completing multiple laps around a marked course through wooded or other rugged natural terrain. The overall winner is the contestant who maintains the highest speed throughout the event.



Competition Stewards
Cross  Country Kraig Traum
Youth Al Fitch

Associate Stewards
C Riders Matt Patterson
Vintage Ray Spore
Women Jen Spore


2014 Cross Country Schedule
01/18-19/2014 Rnd-1 Prairie City GP Adult-Youth flyer results
02/15-16/2014 Rnd-3 Picacho Creek HS Adult-Youth flyer results
02/22-23/2014 Rnd-4 MMX Adult-Youth flyer results
03/15-16/2014 Rnd-5 Phantom Adult-Youth flyer results
03/22-23/2014 Rnd-2 Oasis Adult-Youth flyer results
03/29-30/2014 Rnd-6 Old Crow Adult-Youth flyer results
04/12-13/2014 Rnd-7 Shasta Dam Adult-Youth flyer results
05/25-26/2014 Rnd-8 Leoni Meadows Adult-Youth flyer results
10/11-12/2014 Rnd-9 Prime Time Adult-Youth results
10/18-19/2014 Rnd-10 Deer Creek Adult-Youth results
11/01-02/2014 Rnd-11 Lillipution Adult-Youth results
11/08-09/2014 Rnd-12 Oasis Adult-Youth results
11/15-16/2014 Rnd-13 GOT Adult-Youth results
11/22-23/2014 Rnd-14 MMX Adult-Youth results