BLM has raised basic fee’s for permitted events

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BLM has raised basic fee’s for permitted events.

Please review this Press Release from AMA, and

note the comment about USFS, which is sure to

Follow. I am investigating the “cost recovery” side

of this and will advise as we know more…….


Effective March 1 and noticed in the Federal Register on March 3, the minimum fee for both competitive and organized group activities or events on Bureau of Land Management lands is now $5 per person per day, and the minimum fee for an assigned site is $210 per permit. The new special recreation permit minimum fee for commercial special recreation permits is $105 per year. The American Motorcyclist Association believes you will want to be aware of these new federal BLM fees when planning your off-road recreational activities.

BLM director is authorized to adjust fees periodically. In coordination with the U.S. Forest Service, the BLM automatically adjusts the minimum commercial, competitive, organized group and activity special recreation permit fees and minimum assigned site fee every three years.

The previous fee schedule went into effect on March 1, 2011, and the next fee adjustment is scheduled forMarch 1, 2017.

Commercial and reserved site fees are rounded to the nearest $5, while competitive and group use fees are rounded to the nearest $1. The BLM says the fee calculation process is intended to ensure that fees cover administrative costs of permit issuance, provide a fair return to the U.S. government for use of the public lands, and — in certain cases — approach free-market value.

For more information: Contact David Ballenger with the Division of Recreation and Visitor Services of the BLM at(202) 912-7642.

Now more than ever, it is crucial that you and your riding friends become members of the AMA to help us protect our riding freedoms. More members mean more clout against the opponents of motorcycling, and your support will help the AMA fight for your rights – on the road, trail, racetrack, and in the halls of government. To join, go to


District 36 Race Report – AMA Western National Hare Scrambles – Round 1

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A bunch of D36 racers headed down to the Arizona Desert to contest the opening round of the 2014 AMA National Western Hare Scrambles.

Round 1 didn’t have a youth day so this report is just for the big bikes. The track consisted of 1 large MX track, a semi Supercross/MX Track, 2 endurocross courses, and lots of sand in the back parts.  It was roughly a 6.5 mile course the racers contended with.

Track conditions:  Dusty and Dry.

First race – C Race

C Race consisted of at least 6 D-36 racer kids riding their big bikes. It was by far one of the best races I’ve seen in a long time. When the green flag dropped, Mason Parker snatched the hole shot and lead the race into the back section. Mason was followed by Lochlan Campbell, and Jeremy Coiner; all Polka Dots running 1, 2 & 3. By the time lap one was over, Jeremy Coiner had the overall lead. The race was 7 laps long, and the race lead swapped 4 times. By the time it was over Mason Parker worked his way back up to 1st O/A and won. He was followed shortly by Loclan, Jeremy, and making HER way up into the Top 10 O/A, Sophia Olivera. Sophia struggled for the first couple of laps, but then found her groove and pushed hard.

In the C Women’s race current National Champion, Kyleigh Rhodes, showed just why she was the 2013 National Champion. She dominated from start to finish and lapped everyone in her class. Way to go Ky.

District 36 Dominated Race 1.

Mason Parker – 1 O/A / 1st C-200

Lochlan Campbell – 3 O/A / 2nd C-200

Jeremy Coiner – 4 O/A / 1st C-250

Sophia Oliveira – 7th O/A / 4th C-200

Spencer Hubert – 31st O/A / 8th C-250

Kyleigh Rhodes – 23 O/A / 1st C – Womens


2nd up – B Race

B Race consisted of 4 D36 youth riders, racing in the adult class and they did us proud. When the Green Flag dropped, Polka Dot racer Max Parker got a MONSTER hole shot.. He was followed closely by Polka Dot, Calum Campbell, Jon Modena, and Zach Fitch. As the race progressed engine problems plagued Max, but Calum, Jon and Zach continued on strong. The racing was long, dusty and filled with both AA, A, and B riders. The race was results weren’t decided until the last lap with Zach Fitch taking top District 36 honors.

District 36 Racer Results B Race.

Zach Fitch – 4th O/A – 2nd B-250

Calum Campbell – 5th O/A – 1st B-200

Jon Modena – 7th O/A – 2nd B-200

Max Parker – 41st O/A – 3rd B-200

AMA National Rd 1a

3rd up – AA/A Race

The AA/A stacked up pretty nicely. Lots of fast guys including Alex Dorsey and Justin Bonita from the District came out to see who would win it in Round 1. When the Green Flagged Dropped, Gary Sutherlin jumped out front and lead the race followed closely by Bonita and Dorsey and Steven Godman. Not to far back from the lead pack was young JT Baker who ran Top 10 the entire race. Engine issues removed Sutherlin and Bonita. Dorsey was out due to a crash. It was all left to AA rider Steven Godman to represent D-36 in the Pro Ranks. Represent he did by taking 2nd O/A. Great job Steven!

For the A Riders, there was lots of excitement as well. There were plenty of lead swapping and racing going on.  When it was all over, District 36 racers took back 6 trophies in the AA/A race. Again, showing the rest of the field that D36 was there to race! We swept the podium in the A-200 class, trophy’d in the A-250, A-Open and A 50+ Classes. Way to go racers!

District 36 Racer Results AA/A

Steven Godman – 2nd O/A

JT Baker – 8th O/A / 2nd A – 250

Dante Oliveira – 14th O/A / 1st A-200

Ty Baker – 23rd O/A / 2nd A-Open

Joe Modena – 27th O/A / 2nd A-200

Dylan Nevins – 32 O/A / 3rd A-200

Richard Ramsey – 2nd Place 50+

AMA National Rd 1b

Report Submitted by:  Charlie Coiner

Wild Piglet Rescheduled

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The Timekeepers MC, working with the Hollister Hills SVRA have rescheduled the Wild Piglet, Round 1 of the District 36 / SRT Championship Youth Family Enduro Series to Saturday May 17, 2014.

All pre-entries will retain their same riding numbers assigned by the Timekeepers.  If you have not yet pre-entered and wish to do so the pre-entries will now close May 7, 2014 so get them sent in to get your spot.

The published route sheet will remain the same and if you have any further questions please contact the Timekeepers MC (contact information on flyer).

The updated flyer has been posted and may be found here:

2014 Wild Piglet Flyer

Looking forward to seeing you all there!!


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The California Air Resources Board is hosting a workshop March 6th from 12:00 to 2:00 pm for assessment of RED STICKER based motorcycles.  This assessment affects us all so you are encouraged to take time to attend the workshop in person, online or by phone.  

Below are links for the California Air Resources Board information about the assessment  process and information on the upcoming workshop that you can sit in on either by attending, joining a live webinar or joining via phone conference. District 36 LAO, District 37, AMA National, BlueRibbon Coalition and others are attending these meetings and providing input in the process, especially the science and technology side.  

The link below to the Presentation Outline is a good snapshot/power point of what is going on, what is trying to be accomplished and clean air goals for the future. The link to the CARB Workshop has the information needed to “attend” the workshop.  The key is to protect OUR ability to have competitive racing motorcycles that are legal for Off Highway Use, racing, and family recreation on ALL public lands regardless of registration type.

Presentation Outline

CARB Workshop

Dave Pickett
D36 LAO 
rights ✪ riding ✪ racing



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timekeepersThe Timekeepers Wild Piglet, Round 1 of the D36 SRT Championship Youth Enduro Series originally scheduled for Saturday March 1st has been postponed by the Hollister SVRA due to excessive rainfall. Unfortunately, the Adobe and Renz portions of the park that we utilize for this event, are very sensitive to rain, and more significant rain is in the weather forecast.

 We are working with the SVRA and District 36 to reschedule the event in mid May. Thank you to all that pre-entered and planned to attend. We will provide updates soon once we get an official reschedule date. We will hold your pre-entry and row position unless we hear otherwise from you.

 We apologize for the inconvenience, but weather, even in a dry year, is unpredictable.

 Alex Wagner-Jauregg
Timekeepers MC President
D36 459M

 Timkeepers Website

What’s this place called?

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[ylwm_vimeo portrait=”false” byline=”false” ]86874669[/ylwm_vimeo]

Great turn out for this year’s Picacho Creek Challenge Nation Hare Scrambles with the Salinas Ramblers Motorcycle Club. Be sure to check out the results and see just how challenging it really was.

And by the way, it is pronounced “Picacho Creek”

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