Meet Cancellations

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With all the destructive forest fires in northern California this year it seems most are hitting our prime OHV riding areas and this has affected our fall events.

However, we want to dispel any rumors about events being cancelled and ask that you wait for official notice.  We currently have two meets that have cancelled due to the fires, both enduros:

The Jackhammer Enduro
The Bearfoot Family Enduro

While it may be that others events may cancel, it’s also possible that they may not.  They could relocate or maybe run in their respective areas anyway depending on the severity of the fires and/or the Forest Service requirements/restrictions.

So please don’t speculate and start or spread rumors because this does nothing but hurt the attendance if an event isn’t cancelled.

We will do everything we can to get the word out  on cancellations but not until we get official word from our clubs and promoters.

District 36