Do You Have The Correct Color Number Plate And Numbers?

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In District 36 Cross Country Racing each class is depicted by the background color of their number plate along with the color of the numbers.  Each number plate must display the Riders District 36 number and letter found on the District 36 membership card that all riders receive.  The only exceptions are earned numbers and colors from the previous year.  For Example rider who earn top twenty numbers the previous year have the option for the following year to either  run the earned number and colors or their district 36 number (note that if they run the District 36 number and letter it must be of the correct colors for background and number for their racing class).

In the past riders were not turned away and many have raced with the wrong colors, for various reasons, with no penalties, but now this has changed.  Riders coming to Tech inspection with the wrong number plate / number color combination will be given three options if they want to race:

  1. Race with what they have and be docked a one-lap Penalty.
  2. Go to the District 36 Transponder tent and purchase stick on temporary plates with the correct colors.
  3. Fix the problem yourself (colored duct tape?)
    Note: It is the riders responsibility to have the correct identification  and  equipment to race.

Please note that this also applies to Helmet Stickers.  They have to be placed low on the helmet (below the goggle strap) on both sides.   Number not readily readable due to custom paint jobs are not acceptable.

The District 36 Operations Manual, Section 6 starting at rule # 2.14 has all this information as well as the correct size for the numbers and letter.  We will note here that we understand the current rules were written before some motorcycle manufacturers started reducing the size of the number plates.   As long as riders have numbers that fill the smaller number plates and letters at least half the size of the numbers riders will not be penalized.  Please see examples below.

All this is for the racer….our scoring crew must be able to read number plates as well as Helmet stickers (in case of muddy conditions that obscure the number plates) to make sure you are scored correctly.   Back up books are kept at each race (your number recorded each time you pass through home check) in case your transponder fails.  This also aids the tech and start crew if someone inadvertently tries to enter the wrong race.

From the 2018 District 36 Operations Manual:
3.2.2 (youth section) – 6.17.2 paragraph 6 (adult section)- All Cross Country racers must have correct District 36 number plates on all 3 sides at each race with proper color backgrounds, correct numbers and letter. Only exception is if the meet is an AMA Regional/D36 race. In that case, racers may ride with their regional number versus their district number.
Minimum penalty for infraction: Rider will be docked 1 lap.

Also be aware that at tech inspection bikes will be checked for approved spark arrestors (rain or shine) and current OHV registration tags or licence plates.  If the registration is not current and affixed to the bike and/or the spark arrestor is missing or burned out the bikes will not be allowed to race.


Click on the below chart for a larger copy that can be downloaded…..