Enduro Advanced Riders

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Below is the list of District 36 Enduro riders that have advanced to the next class for the 2014 season. Congratulations to all that made the “Jump” for a well done 2013 season and we’ll see you out there in 2014!

John Davis
District 36 Enduro Steward

C to B

524F Ron McDonell
252G John Burns Jr
266A Bevan Jones
239Q Darrell Mefford
301Q Brian Walt
171U Kyle Boardman
764G Eric Lueder
247F Heath Graff
379R Tim Roberts
230X Aaron Hawkins
264A Michael Ofiesh

B to A

242S Robert Rich
227M Kevin Carter
723F Colton Fowler
528H James Roberts
393S Tyler Bailey
392S Zachary Bailey
No # Ben Mills