New Family Enduro Steward Introduction

by Jim Boardman

Hello D36 Enduro Clubs and Enduro Riders,

As most of you know, Bill McGibbon has been the Family Enduro Steward for many years.

Bill has many other responsibilities within the District these days and has been doing a great job.  The time has come and Bill has asked for some help to reduce some of the responsibilities on his plate.

Bill and I discussed the Family Enduro Steward position.  I have agreed to take on this important responsibility within the D36.  This change has already been approved by the D36 Board of Directors and will be effective immediately.

Here is a little bit of information about myself.  I joined D36 in 1993.  My first event was the Training Wheels Family Enduro hosted by CERA at Foresthill in 1993.  From that day, my love for Enduros has continued to grow.

Over the next two years, while riding all of the D36 Enduros, I accumulated enough points to be advanced to be an A rider.  In 1995, I joined the Timekeepers Motorcycle Club.  Many volunteer hours have been spent preparing and hosting the Wild Piglet Family Enduro, the Wild Boar Enduro and the Primetime Hare Scramble.  I was the Timekeeper MC President for a couple years and the Course Marshall for the Wild Boar for many years when Clear Creek was open.

In 1996, my first year as an A rider, I won the Open class and placed 6th Overall.  Since then, many seasons later, I have earned two number 1 plates in the Vet class, two number 1 plates in the Senior class and last year, I won the Super Senior class.  In addition to these accomplishments, I have also taught many Enduro classes for the riders.

With 25 years of Enduro experience, I feel that I will be a good fit for the Family Enduro Steward position within D36.  I hope you agree as well.

Bill and I will work closely together this year to assure that our riders receive the support they expect from the D36.  I really appreciate that Bill will be my mentor as I take on this new responsibility.  One of my first goals is to work with Bill to update the D36 Handbook with the Family Enduro rules.

Thank you for your time and for your support.
Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments or concerns.
My email address and my phone number will be posted on the D36 website contact page.

Best Regards,

Jim Boardman