For 2018, District 36 has partnered with the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Race Gas program.  This program enables you as a District 36 member to receive a free $10 Rocky Mountain Race Gas Gift Card Credit for EVERY meet you ride this year! This includes…
Cross Country  u  Enduro  u  Family Enduro  u  Dirt Track
Dual Sport  u  Special Events!

To Receive your Free Rocky Mountain ATVMC Race Gas Gift Card Credit you must register here with your name and address.  By doing so you give permission to District 36 to Share this information with Rocky Mountain.

Rocky Mountain Privacy Policy: We will not sell your information for soliciting purposes.
Your information will only be used to create and email your gift card.
You may also receive promotional material but will always be given the Opportunity to “Opt Out”.

Once registered, each time you enter a District 36 meet your name will be submitted to RMATV/MC and you will receive a $10 Gift Card Credit. Heck, you even get one just for signing up here!  After you register here there is nothing more for you to do except go race, have fun and enjoy the savings your gift card credit will generate for you!  You are eligible for as many $10 gift card Credits as meets you ride (only 1 gift card per meet regardless of the number of races you enter per meet)!
If you don’t already have a Rocky Mountain account you will need to create one to receive your Cash Credits.  It will be a simply process to do this via an email.  Then you will receive a verification email from RMATVMC that credit has been put in your account for immediate use.
All program details can be found here: 
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