Rocky Mountain Race Gas Program Updated!

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Rocky Mountain Race Gas *Gift cards will no longer be mailed beginning with events after March 10th.  Under the new program each participant will receive an email each time that the cash has been put into their account and it will be immediately available for use.  You will also receive an email reminder if the cash is near the expiration date.  If you don’t already have an account you will have the ability to set one up via the first email you receive to access your cash credit.  This process will speed up the time you get your RMATVMC cash credit and save the mailing cost to RM.

Other than getting your account established you will have to take no further action except go race and enjoy the benefit or earning a $10 credit each time.

*If you would like all family members (ie, kids) to have gift cards deposited into a single account, please send an email request to Lance ( with:

1) all family member names

2) the email address you would like used.

This will make using your gift cards/credits much easier.

*If you have not received an email from RMATV 3 weeks after your event, please contact Lance at the above email address to confirm your email.

*An event must have 50 riders to qualify for the Race Gas Program.

Not Already Sighed Up For the District 36 /  Rockey Mountain Race Gas Program?  Now Is The Time!