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Dear OHV Enthusiast ,

See below for 2 recent hearings regarding Carnegie SVRA’s future.  In these videos, you can see the process for which this Bill is going through.  As their has been about 16 hearings on this, it is very controversial with massive efforts by many to shut us out of the property each of you has paid for.  I hope each of you take the time to review the videos, and see and hear what the enemies of OHV say and do.

In the committee hearings you will witness the majority party in our state vote against OHV, and thus state clearly that they oppose state parks.  If watching this does not make your blood boil enough to take action, then we will lose Carnegie.  Please note Alameda County and East Bay Regional Parks sent staff to these 2 meeting to SUPPORT this bill, meaning shut OHV down!  Contra Costa & Alameda County D36 members should note your special assessment for EBRPD fees on your property taxes are being used to send Staff to these meetings, and YOU are paying for it.  As you know, EBRPD does not offer OHV in any of their parks.  EBRPD is trying to shut down OHV opportunity to you, a resident of the county.  And you are paying them to do so with YOUR tax money.   Next up is the bill is going to an Appropriations Committee.  D36 will be there and speak in OPPOSITION of this bill.   But, WE NEED YOUR HELP.  We must ALL Contact the bill Authors and let them know that there is both ourtage and opposition to this bill pound on the 2 authors of this bill.

EVERY member of this district as well as ALL OHV users needs to take action by contacing the bill Authors to let them know that there is both outrage and opposition to this bill.  Here is what you can do with a phone call or two:

Call Senator Glazer at  916-651-4007 Capitol or Local office 926-754-1461 and tell they you live in his district and you are angry at SB-1316 and to pull the bill.  Just say you are opposed to SB-1316 and are a constituent.  That’s it. Give your name and city you live in.

Call Assemblywoman Baker at 916-319-2006 Capitol office or Local office at 925-328-1515 and say the same.

If you live OUTSIDE this district, also please call.  It is important that they know folks from all over Ca are are not happy with this bill.  This stresses OUR D36 members recreate at Carnegie……………… Please feel free to mention you are a member of AMA District 36 and live in Northern California.

Both of this weeks Assembly committee meetings on SB 1316 are archived in video…….

Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee Meeting Video
(June 26 – SB1316 discussion for vote starts at 1:48:00)

Assembly Accountability and Administrative Review Committee Meeting  Video
(June 27 – SB 1316 discussion for vote starts at 41:20)

Just so you know, the Majority party votes to SUPPORT this bill and Minority Party OPPOSES it.  Keep this in mind when you Vote come next November if OHV recreation means something to you. This is the ONLY way things will change in my opinion.

Thanks for supporting your right to ride!
Dave Pickett  LAO