SB 249 – A Huge Threat To The California OHV Program

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The California OHV Program is a nationally recognized program that is in serious jeopardy with Senate Bill 249 looming.  If enacted this Bill would gut the OHV funding and essentially kill the OHV program.  So we need to TAKE ACTION NOW!

Currently the OHV Program is self-funded, taking no money out of the General Fund.  The OHV Program receives it’s funding through a small percentage of gas tax, State Vehicle Recreation Areas (SVRAs) entrance fees and vehicle registrations (green and red stickers).  SB 249, if enacted would direct all that money to the general fund and California’s only self-sustaining user funded program would fail to get the funding to continue.

There are lobby groups and several OHV Friendly organizations working to fight this bill but they NEED OUR HELP!  We ALL NEED to contact our Senators and Assembly Representatives to voice our concerns and ask that they not pass this bill.

Two ways to act (do both!!):

Contact your Senator and Assemblyman directly by email or phone and ask them to please not support this bill that would devastate the OHV Program.

Find your Senator

And use the AMA letter generator by going HERE

WE wouldn’t keep pestering you but this is one of the most devastating  bills to ever be presented, a bill that would kill the only Self Funded program that has worked for years in California.  Imagine Prairie City SVRA or Carnegie or even your favorite riding area in the national forest Closed due to lack of funds.

Please ACT NOW!