Stop OHV Funds Going To The California General Fund!

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Take Action!

Legislation (A.B. 1874) was introduced to eliminate the requirement that $833,000 from OHV taxes and fees be transferred to the General Fund and not be given to the Off-Highway Vehicle Fund.  The bill is currently in the Assembly Committee on Transportation.

Existing law imposes an excise tax on motor vehicle fuel (gasoline) and requires these taxes to be deposited in the Motor Vehicle Fuel Account. The law also requires the moneys attributable to the excise tax on gasoline related to specified off-highway motor vehicles and off-highway vehicle activities be transferred monthly from the Motor Vehicle Fuel Account to the Off-Highway Vehicle Trust Fund.

Current existing law requires the Controller to withhold $833,000 from the monthly transfer to the Off Highway Vehicle Trust Fund, and transfer that amount to the General Fund.   Staring on June 30, 2019 this bill, if passed, would eliminate the requirement that the Controller withhold $833,000 from the monthly transfer to the Off-Highway Vehicle Trust Fund for transfer to the General Fund and, instead would require that these funds be included in the monthly  transfer to the Off-Highway Vehicle Trust Fund where it really belongs.
Contact your State Representatives and let them know you support this Assembly Bill!