Youth Cross Country Riders Advanced

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2017 Youth Advancements

Al Fitch, the District 36 Youth Cross Country Steward, has announced the Youth Cross Country riders advanced to the next class after the spring series.  These riders will start the Fall Series in their new classes,

Please remember to put the correct color number plates and color D36 numbers on your bike that pertain to your new class and…… HAVE fun in your new class.

Congratulations To All!

A Bigwheel 

John Wolfson

Alex Oliveria

Zac Hannum

Anthony Ferrante


A 50

Jackson Adams

Bradley Petterson

Mathis Le Barier


B big wheel

Wyatt Huggins

Dante Johnson

Skyler Allio

Gianni Hull


B 85

Vinnie Soracco

George Hanzek

Kolton Kight

Ryder Waner

Kael Braden


B 65

Javier Rodriguez

Riley Waechtler

Phoenix Belding

Juliam Hull

B 50 4-6

Cruz Rodriguez

Jason Aveggio

Brewer McNulty

Maverick Alaway


B 50 7-8

Talan Staggs

Jonathon Garcia

Cash Spies

Ace Sarti


B 65

Javier Rodriguez

Riley Waechtler

Phoenix Belding

Julian Hull


  B Girls  

Kystien Mathews