2021’s D36 Dirt Track Racing Season Has Begun!!!

The season opener for the 2021 D36 Dirt Track series was just held on April 10th & 11th at the MMX facility in Marysville – thank you to everyone who came out to race, or to support the racers, at this new venue!

Thank you to MMX for all the hard work you’ve put in to get the new tracks at your facility added to our schedule! Also, thank you to the Lodi MC members and the other volunteers who helped MMX during the weekend’s races.

We should have the results posted soon.

This weekend, on the 17th & 18th, Lodi MC kicks off their season at the Lodi Cycle Bowl with a TT on Saturday and an ST on Sunday – don’t miss the action!

The 2021 D36 Dirt Track series classes are:


  • Class 1-DTX (ages 4-6, 2 & 4 stroke 0cc-51cc)
  • Class 2-DTX (ages 7-8, 2 & 4 stroke 0cc-51cc)
  • Class 3-DTX (ages 4-8, 0cc-51cc, 2-stroke only, oil injected)
  • Class 4-DTX (ages 4-8, 0cc-51cc, 2 & 4 stroke single or multi-speed automatic)
  • 65cc 7-11 (52cc-65cc 2-stroke and 52cc-90cc 4-stroke)
  • 65cc DTX 7-11 (52cc-65cc 2-stroke and 52cc-90cc 4-stroke)
  • 85cc 7-15 (66cc-85cc 2-stroke & 75cc-125cc 4-stroke)
  • 85cc DTX 7-15 (66cc-85cc 2-stroke & 75cc-125cc 4-stroke)


  • 250 A; 250 B; 250 C
  • Open A; Open B; Open C
  • Veteran A; Veteran B; Veteran C
  • Senior A; Senior B; Senior C
  • Super Senior A; Super Senior B; Super Senior C
  • Master A; Master B; Master C
  • Vintage A; Vintage B; Vintage C
  • Women

Clubs and promoters may also run other non-district classes and those will be scored as exhibition classes.

The D36 website will be updated with race results and series standings as available. If you have questions, please contact me (see the ‘contact us’ page for info) – I hope to see you soon at the races!!

Carter Fisher, D36 Dirt Track Steward