49er & 49er Family Enduros Postponed .

An announcement received by the Polka Dots MC…..

It’s with great sadness and frustration that we got the final word from the Forest Service that due to our rain gauge being over 1/2″ within 48hrs our 49er Enduro and our 49er Family enduros are POSTPONED!

As a club this hurts, but we are more bummed for you the rider especially knowing how perfect it will be , this is frustrating on many levels but ultimately we are responsible for the permit we signed which states .25″ within a 48hr prior to event.. it’s at double that now and they have had over an inch in the last 24 hrs..

We hope everyone gets out and recreates iN YOUR NATIONAL FORESTS ( what’s not burned up) in these awesome conditions..it’s open to the public , just not to us as an event!!
We will look for a date in late Oct for a make up!

Polka Dots MC