CA Red Sticker Program Update

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On March 1, 2019, representatives of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) gave an update on their Red Sticker Off-Highway Vehicle Assessment to the CA OHV Commission and members of the audience.

Those same CARB representatives attended an OHV Commission field tour on February 28 which included a review of designated roads, trails, and open areas in the Jawbone/Dove Springs OHV Recreation area.

Having been engaged in the Red Sticker issue since 2013, I feel that CARB has worked hard to substantively engage with the OHV competition stakeholder community that includes: OHMVR Division, DMV, OHV Industry, and competition-oriented motorcycle organizations so as to minimize fiscal and recreation impacts to the sport.

In the attached video below you can watch the ARB presentation on various proposals and concepts that might be included in the new competition sticker program including public comments from D36 and other stakeholders.

Don Amador addressing the OHV Commission

LINK TO VIDEO – ARB module starts at 3:43:00 and lasts for about 1 hour

Some of the potential recommendations include:

  • Retain the 17 digit VIN # – This will aid in continued fiscal support for law enforcement and land management.  It will also help in the sale and resale of the vehicle.
  • Allow practice riding on public lands – ARB staffers have a better understanding of the importance of allowing riders to practice with their competition motorcycles on public lands and that “practice riding” IS a critical part of competition.
  • Exempt youth motorcycles –  ARB is looking to allow youth competition motorcycles (under 110cc) to be green stickered.


There are two dates to remember!

MARCH 8, 2019 – The proposals will be published which starts a 45-day public comment period

APRIL 25, 2019 – The full Air Resources Board will hold a hearing on the proposal.

Thanks for your support and interest in this all too important subject!

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