Championship Enduro Series & Family Enduro Series Cancelled for 2020!

The 2020 AMA District 36 Championship Enduro and Family Enduro series has been officially cancelled. Multiply event cancellations due to the COVID Pandemic have left only one meet to date that ran the first part of the year.  There are still a few left on the schedule as a wait-and-see but not really enough to create a fair series.

Although there will be no championship points tallied, riders will earn advancement points for the Wild Horse that ran in March and also for any Enduros that may still get to run this fall.

The Enduro and Family Enduro Series’ both have experienced a rough last few years due to fires and odd permit requirements, so please do support the events that might still happen and be sure to plan on coming out for the 2021 Enduro series!

John Davis
District 36 Enduro Steward