Dirt Track Racing Postponed Through June

With the announcement that Dirt Track Racing has postponed through June it’s going to be a very busy late summer/fall season for all District 36 competition Series. While this may place a hardship on both competitor and promoter as well as District 36 officials that come out to support our racing series it’s like coming up to a stop sign behind someone that just sits there. They just need to be told that the Sign only means Stop —– not give up.  So we’re at that proverbial stop sign but not about to give up!

Please keep in mind that District 36 is an all volunteer organization and we remain strong as we anticipate and look forward to a full and rewarding program for all very soon. In a few short months for Cross Country and Enduro and a much shorter time for Dirt Track we will all be back to racing!

Stay Safe and Get Ready!