District 36 and the COVID-19 Virus

From the desk of the District 36 Sanctioning Stewards office (well my kitchen table). As you have seen events are postponing due to the Covid-19 virus. Most all of the spring District 36 events have. Keep an eye on the website schedules for any changes or updates.

It is looking like the Fall schedules will be a bit packed with lots of back to back weekends due to all the reschedules. I look forward to all the back to back weekends with my D 36 Enduro family.

I recommend that all members be good citizens and follow all the Covid-19 guidelines set forth by County, State and Federal agencies. I trust that all Clubs and promoters will make the proper decisions in regards to operating their events. With different agencies having different estimated dates of when it might ease up it is unknown how many more events may postpone or when we can hold events again.

All these guidelines are for your protection and the protection of all your family, friends and neighbors. For me it is time to hunker down and practice good decontamination protocols (Yes I am retired military). Plus I am getting a lot of at home projects completed.

Please be patient and safe. Plus make decisions that will not add to the problem.

John Davis
D36 Sanction Steward
D36 Enduro Steward
D36 FE Steward