District 36 Announces Dirt Track Steward Change

District 36 is pleased to announce that Carter Fisher has been installed as the District 36 Dirt Track Steward for the remainder of 2015.

Mr. Fisher was nominated for this Steward position and elected by the District 36 Board of Directors at the monthly meeting held on May 20th and takes office immediately.  Carter was recommended to take the post by Dave Bickle, the outgoing District 36 Dirt Track Steward.   Carter has held this post in the past so he has the experience to slide in with no learning curve and we all look forward to working with him.

This change took place due to the resignation of Dave Bickle who has served as the Dirt Track Steward since 2012.  Dave has performed this job admirably and the decision by him to step down was long thought out and a “hard one to make”.  Due to pressure from his growing business and other personal reasons, Dave told us, “I decided that I need to step back but certainly not out”.  Dave currently serves on the District 36 Board of Directors as well as holding the position of District 36 Rulebook Chairman, positions he looks forward to continuing.  He will also remain on as a Dirt Track Committeeman and plans to stay fully involved in working with Mr. Fisher and the other officials, as well as clubs/promoters, to further the exciting sport of Dirt Track Racing.  Dave tells us, “I just won’t be at the forefront of responsibility for Dirt Track but am still very dedicated to continue to serve with District 36.  Thank you to all that have supported me in the Stewards role and I look forward to still being a part of District 36 and especially Dirt Track racing, a sport I truly love”.

District 36 Thanks You, Dave for your service as the Dirt Track Steward and will continue to value your service in all that you do for the District.

Welcome back Carter Fisher!