District 36 Grand Prix Schedule Changed

District 36 is kicking off their new Grand Prix Racing series starting this July and like so many other things that have been affected by the COVID virus so go’s the GP schedule. There has been three date changes and one cancellation. The current updated schedule is:

  • July 19      Round 2 MMX GP (new date)
  • Aug 9         Round 4 GOT GP CANCELLED
  • Aug 23       Round 3 Argyll GP (new date)
  • Sept 13      Round 1 SCRU GP (new date)
  • Sept 20      Round 5 PDMC GP

Due to ongoing possible schedule changes just before you load up to go racing please be sure to visit the District 36 website and select your discipline (Cross Country, Dirt Track, Enduro, Grand Prix, Dual Sport) to view the latest schedule. This is the official location for the schedule and it’s kept up-to-date as any changes come in.

Stay with us ……. WE WILL GET BACK TO RACING!