District 36 Memberships & Renewal

Hello everyone!

With our 2020 racing seasons being so “out of whack” because of Covid-19, there are many of you (hundreds) who have let your D36 memberships fall into ‘expired’ status since last winter.

With racing resuming this fall, even if on a limited basis, when renewing your memberships, please be aware that your renewal might be coming in at the same time that hundreds of other people typically renew their memberships during the fall season. This may create a heavier workload of membership applications that need to be processed. Please consider renewing now, instead of waiting until later.

For those of you who received renewal notices back prior to June/July of this summer, please note that the self-enclosed envelope with the PO Box 292897, Sacramento address is no longer a valid address. Please do not use that envelope to mail in your renewal, as the USPS forwarding service is extremely slow and quite often, the forwarded mail never does arrive at the new address.The correct mailing address for D36 Memberships is: PO Box 2076, Rocklin, CA, 95677.

Please consider renewing your memberships online, instead of by mail – that will help get your application processed more quickly and with that, for now, you will receive an emailed receipt from PayPal that verifies your membership has been renewed and is current. (If you renew by mail, you don’t get a receipt for proof that you’ve renewed to take to the races with you.)

Another item to be aware of is that if your membership has been expired longer than one full year, you may have lost your last D36 membership number. Expired membership numbers do get released (approx. every 18-22 months) and there are no guarantees that a former membership number can be reassigned to you when you renew an old, long-enough-expired membership. (Membership numbers cannot be researched, promised or assigned prior to a paid membership application being submitted.) If your membership has only been expired for a couple of months to 12-14 months, your membership number is still linked to your name and you will still have that number upon renewal. (Please only check to verify your membership number after you’ve submitted a renewal for a membership that was expired longer than 12-14 months.)

For more information about D36 memberships, please go to www.ama-d36.org/d36/membership.

Good news! Soon, we will be upgrading to a new membership system that will allow for digital membership ‘cards’, as well as several other modern membership and race related options for all of our members, clubs, promoters and D36 officials! Please be patient as we work to transition all the “old” to the “new” – this will be quite the venture for all of us!

We look forward to seeing you again at the races!

Jill Patterson
D36 Membership Director