District 36 Moving Forward!

In normal times District 36 holds its Annual Sanction meeting the first weekend in September. This meeting represents the deadline for Clubs and Promoters to submit their Charter Applications for the upcoming year to qualify for getting dates for their competition meets the next year. This meeting is also where the District 36 Board of Directors elections are held and competition meet dates are awarded for the upcoming year. But these aren’t normal times and, as everyone knows by now, the Annual meeting was scrubbed due to restrictions of group gatherings and our normal meeting place closed down.
So adjustments has to be make on the fly and here’s what happening…..

Clubs and Promoters:  Are organizations that charter annually with D36 and are considered “Active Members” by definition.  They are the voting body to elect Board of Director members and can get meet dates for competition in the District 36 Championship series for Cross Country, Dirt Track, Enduro, Family Enduro, Grand Prix and Dual Sport. Active members also hear and resolve competition protest that cannot be settled at the meet and reach District level for a decision. So if you are a club or promoter organization that normally charters with D36 or new to the District but have not yet chartered for next year (2021) now is the time to do so. Late Fees have been waived this “not normal” year.

District 36 Online Charter Application

District 36 is currently holding Elections to fill 4 Seats on the Board of Directors for a two year term. So this is a reminder to Active Members that have chartered for 2021 to check your email for instructions and links to cast your votes if you have not already done so.

Voting will Close Friday November 6th at 5:00pm.

Remember, each Active Member gets two (2) ballots so be sure to use them both. Voting on one ballot will NOT automatically count as two.
For Questions on voting please contact Bill at:  bill.mcgibbon@ama-d36.org   or call 925.413.2434

If you have not yet chartered for 2021 and wish to do so and vote in the Board elections, please charter first (see above link) and you will receive an email with voting instructions sent to the person listed on your charter application as the main contact. Time is short so act now.

Meet Dates: If you have not already requested and receive your meet date(s) for your competition meet(s) for 2021 please contact the Sanction Steward, John Davis at: d36enduro@gmail.com with your requested type, name and date(s) you would like to run (must be chartered for 2021 prior to requesting date(s)).

If you are a “Participating Member” (single member) consider joining an Active Member Club. You will still have to maintain your Participating Membership but by joing with an Active Member club you have more voice in the workings of District 36, not to mention… joining with other racer/riders will glean you mentorship to improve you knowledge base and riding skill when it comes to competition.

One more thing….Get Out and VOTE in the U.S. Election!

District 36