Steps for first time Racers:

 Cross Country & Enduro

☐ Sign up online for your D36 Membership Card: You will get an assigned District 36 membership number and this will also be your Cross Country and Grand Prix Racing number.

>>Take a picture of your card when you get it and save it in your phone<<

Once you have your D36 number you can order your number plate graphics.

For your Graphics here is a link to our series sponsor: Racer Decal  However you are welcome to use any Graphics Company you wish.

**Attn Women Racers new this year- Number Plate Color Requirements:

Diva – white numbers with blue background

Diva Plus – white numbers with blue background

Diva Pro – if a B classified rider it will be yellow numbers with blue background and if an A or AA rider classification it will be black numbers with blue background


$43 for annual membership

$83 family annual membership


$15 one meet pass (only available at the race)

You can do this the day of but it is much easier to do this online before-hand and know your riding #

Join District 36






☐ Sign up for your AMA Membership

**Take a picture of your card when you get it and save it in your phone***

$49 per year – you can do this the day of but it is one less line that you have to wait in at sign-ups.

Join the AMA

☐ Go to District 36 Website, find your race & pay your entry fee. (you can also do this the day of but be sure to bring cash) **If you pre-enter you still must go to sign ups, they have a separate line for pre-entries, see info below)

Attn: Women Racers- (New Rule book info for this year):

Women’s Classes for Cross Country

Saturday Races

Beginner Women: Under age 25 (never raced A or B class)

Diva: 25+ Never raced in C class in any D36 event, new to racing

Diva Plus: 25+ Raced in a C class in D36 event

Diva Pro: Raced in B Class or above

Vet Women: B & C for women who are comfortable riding with the C class men on a longer more challenging course for a longer period of time.

**C Vet women can advance to B women, B and C Vet women are for women 30+ years old

C Vet women can advance to B women, All Diva classes can earn an end of year trophy but do not earn advancement points towards the B class and up.

Fees vary by race- the flyer on the website usually lists entry fees



You will need to know the following to fill out your race entry:

Name, Address, AMA#, e-mail, sponsors, club name, make, engine size, & class (see note on left)








☐ Look up directions in advance a lot of these races are in remote locations away from cell service you may lose GPS
☐ Have CASH for spectators fees. Gate fees are usually listed on the flyer. You may also want cash for t-shirts etc. A lot of these places don’t have reception and therefore no card scanner. D36 will often post-race updates on the  D36 Members Only Facebook page – you can join this as soon as you have a D36 membership

☐ Arrival at Race:

After you park go to sign ups:

1)  Check in immediately there could be a long line: (have your D36 card, & AMA card ready, or purchase them once you get there) If you are pre-registered, there are signs for pre-registration.

2) Get your transponder sticker & numbers for your helmet (again you need cash they are around $10)

3) Place your helmet transponder and D36 number stickers on your helmet   (See photo on right for placement.  Do not stick the transponder on metal or metallic paint)

4) *Place the row assignment (dot) stickers that they gave you on your front number plate.   (see photo for placement)

5) Find out where the start & tech is located for later – Be prepared.

*not all races use “row stckers” that indicate what row you start from. .  If not be sure to ask at signup which row you line up on at the start.  Or other riders at the start will help you.








Helmet Sticker Location (both sides of helmet)


Transponder location
Row Sticker on front number plate

☐ Know your race time, give yourself PLENTY of time so you don’t feel rushed. You want to pick a spot and feel comfortable. Be at your starting position a minimum of 20 minutes before the start.

Head to the start- you will see a D36 EZ up at the entrance of the start this is called “tech” or sound test they will sound test your bike and make sure that you have a spark arrestor and a green or red sticker for registration.

You will need to stop when you get into tech & they will let you know when they are done (it only takes a few seconds). Then you will head to your row. You should have a sticker that says your row or they will let you know at sign-ups.

☐ Once you are in your row, you can wait with your family & friends. The referee will tell you the race rules, they will do a prayer, national anthem & then your family will go to the side

☐ For Cross Country: They will have each row go one at a time. Each row will start with a dead engine shotgun start (not starting gate). You will turn off your bike (dead engine) when the gun goes off for your row you start your bike and go.

For Enduro: Each row has an assigned time and you would leave on that minute. Example: If the start time of the race is 8am and you are on row 20, then you would leave at 8: 20.. Row 26 would leave at 8:26 etc..

☐ Have lots of fun! For your first race just focus on finishing. If you crash or get any trouble with your bike there are people called “sweepers” that follow each race. They are there to help you if you need help.
☐ Be sure to slow down when you go through the check point. This is where they scan your helmet each lap. You will go through the check several times, until you see a checkered flag.

There are so many friendly and knowledgeable people at the races. Never be afraid or nervous to ask a lot of questions! There are D36 officials wearing blue shirts that can answer any questions as well

Let’s Go Racing!