Free D36 Membership Contest Winner Announced

District 36 held a contest to win a free one-year membership.  The contest was run in the January issue of the District 36 Newsletter where  a code number was located somewhere in the newsletter.  Each person finding the code emailed it in to the editor along with  their Name and Location (city) to enter the drawing.  The contest ran for one month from the time the Newsletter was published on January 1st. and once closed the drawing was made to determine the winner.

Congratulation to Steven Davis of Truckee California Steven is a current member of District 36 and his membership will be extended one year from his current expiration date!.  He was contacted by phone of his win and instructed on getting his membership extended.

This contest was open to all.   AMA and/or District membership was not required to enter.

Thanks to all that participated…maybe next time?