Going to Lilliputian? Some Re-Routes Due To Road Closures!

When traveling to the Lilliputian there are some road closures that affect the routs normally taken to get to Prairie City SVRA!

Directions to avoid closed roads:

Traveling from the west to the Lilliputian (White Rock Road is closed at Sunrise).
  1. East on Highway 50
  2. Take the Sunrise Blvd South exit and continue south
  3. Go approximately 3 3/4 miles turn left on Douglas Blvd.  (you will go past white Rock Road) 
  4. Go 3 miles and turn left on Grant Line Road (this becomes White Rock Road)
  5. Go 1/4 mile past the main entrance to PrairieCity SVRA  and turn right into the Gate 4 special event entrance


Traveling from the east to Lilliputian (Prairie city road from highway 50 to white rock road is closed)

  1. West on Highway 50
  2. Take the East Bidwell exit and go south on east Bidwell.
  3. Go approximately 1.5 miles and turn right on White Rock road
  4. Go approximately 2 3/4 miles and then turn left into the Gate 4 special event entrance (approximately 1/4 mile before the main entrance road).
Note Prairie city SVRA will also be open for regular riding both days of the Lilliputian on only the two practice tracks, the mini track and the rock general riding area.
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