Rules Proposals for the District 36 2023 Rulebook
The below passed rules will take affect December 1, 2022 (start of D36 2023 Competition year)
(note: any applicable revisions will not apply to any 2022  rescheduled meets run in December that are part of the 2022 Championship Series)

October 15 is the deadline for submitting rule Proposals for the 2023 competition season! 

Rule Proposals for 2023……….

Rule Proposals Pending:

There are no more rule Proposals to be heard for the 2023 competition season.

Rule Proposals submitted going forward will be reviewed and accepted based on the criteria for submission per section 1.6 of the current D36 Operations manual.  Acceptable proposal(s) will heard and voted on by the District 36 Active Members (Chartered Clubs and Promoters) at regularly scheduled District 36 monthly meetings after January 2023 in the order received.  Proposals will be posted here at least two weeks before being heard per section 1.6.1 of the current D36 Operations Manual.  Rules passed during the 2023 Year will take effect the following 2024 Competition year starting December 2023.

Want to submit a rule Proposal?  Here is the form: Rule proposal / Change Form

Email Proposals or Questions to Bill (Operations Manual Chairman) at:

Rule Proposal Heard and Decided On:



7.1.7 Rule Proposal-McGibbon    Passed Rule Proposal-Rhodes      Passed Rule Proposal-Rhodes      Passed



1.5.6 Rule Proposal-CC      Passed

3.2.1 Rule Proposal-CC      Passed

3.2.2 Rule Proposal-CC      Passed

3.2.5 Rule Proposal-CC      Passed

6.0 Rule Proposal-CC         Passed



6.17.2 Rule Proposal 8-29-2022     Passed

7.3.7   Rule Proposal 5-18-2022     Failed      Rule Proposal 7-1-22     Passed


ENDURO     Rule Proposal 6-21-2022        Passed

7.1.4        Rule Proposal 6-21-2022        Passed   Rule Proposal 6-21-2022        Passes Rule Proposal 6-21-2022        Passed   Rule Proposal 8-29-2022        Passed   Rule Proposal 6-21-2022        Passed