These Rule Proposals (below) will be discussed and voted on at the upcoming November District 36 Zoom Meeting by the Active Members of District 36.  Proposals passed will take affect for the 2022 racing season. (see farther below for rule proposals heard at the October Meeting)


Rule 6.17.2  Requirement For Number Plates  –  Dirt Track

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The following proposals were heard and acted on at the October District 36 Meeting.  See bottom of each proposal for outcome.


Rule 3.1.2 Eliminate  A, B & C Class Designation – Youth Dirt Track



Rule 3.2.1 C-Clutchless (re-designate)    Youth Cross Country 



Rule 3.2.1 B-clutchless (addition)    Youth Cross Country



Rule 4.2.6 Hooligan  (DT class addition)    Adult Dirt Track



Rule 6.0 Spark Arrestor Requirements



Rule 6.0 Spark arrestors for GP Racing