SHaston Ranch COVID Release

The Polka Dots Motorcycle Club and Owners of SHaston Ranch are requiring that everyone entering the meet premises (SHaston Ranch) sign a “COMMUNICABLE DISEASE EXPOSURE AND INFECTION ASSUMPTION OF RISK, HOLD HARMLESS, RELEASE, WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT”.  This applies to everyone, racers, families, friends, etc.

Click on the link below, download, and print a copy for each one in your party.  Each person must read and sign their own copy and all must copies be turned in at the meet.

Please take the time to do this now to save you time at the meet.

Thank you for your corporation and interest in racing SHaston Ranch, the opening round of the 2021 District 36 Cross Country Championship series.

District 36

Note:  Also this release will be required for all future 2021 meets so watch for each one here or on the District 36 Social Media Pages before you go to the race release for all future 2021event.