SHaston Ranch HS
January 16 – 17, 2021

Round 1 – 2021 D36 Championship
Cross Country

Round 1 – 2021 D36 Championship
Youth Cross
Country Series

Pre-Registration is for racers that already have valid AMA and District 36 cards. Bring both cards to the express pre-registration table on race day. If racer is under 18 years of age a legal guardian or parent must be present and complete The Minor Waiver Form at the race.

Online Registration Closed

From :Polka Dots MC

Attention D36 racers and families , unfortunately we need to postpone our Polka Dot SHaston HS next weekend.
This is very painful to announce. Our club has spent many working hours preparing an amazing course for our D36 family. We couldn’t make it happen due to permit issues. Not a very good way to start 2021 and we apologize .
For those with pre-entries we will be issuing refunds. Our sincere apologies. Be safe and hope to see you all soon.