Why does District 36 perform sound tests?

Ed Santin is always looking for opportunities to educate riders of all ages. Recently he visited a Folsom, CA school to teach students about the importance of sound testing of off highway vehicles.  This week I interviewed Ed Santin,  member of the District 36 Board of Directors and AMA Off Road Congressman about the most frequent […]

New “BRONZE” sponsor for D36 & LAO program

Owner and Principal Sean Coplen of Roseville Yamaha-Kawasaki  announced this new partnership to LAO yesterday. D36 welcomes Roseville Yamaha-Kawasaki as a new and dedicated sponsor for our D36 race and Legislative Action Office  programs. RYK has invested into D36 with a sizable donation to the D36 Legislative Action Office Program with assistance to Hangtown National MX with financial support for […]


Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area, commonly known as “Glamis” will be back open to about 127,000 acres of recreation area to OHV after the courts side with OHV community. This area has been closed in many locations going back to 2006. 200,000 visitors a year ride at this OHV recreation area. NEVER SAY DIE OHV, AND FIGHT FOR YOUR […]