Federal Agency Seeks Comments On Ethanol-Blended Fuel!

Reprint with Permission from AMA Federal agency seeks comments on ethanol-blended fuel Submit today! Take Action by Aug. 31 The Renewable Fuel Standard proposal announced July 5 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency shows a slight reduction from the 2017 obligations... Read More

Dirt Track Racing in Full Swing!

The District 36 Championship Dirt Track Series races are half way through the season with ten more races to go. Currently in the open A class Tony Meiring  and Christian Spurgeon are tied for 1st with 107 points each,... Read More

Progress On Re-Opening Clear Creek

The House of Representatives, by a unanimous  bi-partisan vote, passed HR 1913, a bill to re-open our beloved Clear Creek Management Area to OHV’s. As you know the CCMA was “temporarily” closed in 2008 with the stroke of one... Read More

Senator Anderson Fights For OHV!

SB-249 IS A BAD BILL, AND MUST BE CRUSHED! Many of you may have never seen a Senate Floor vote, and this is one segment of Senate Floor Discussion prior to a vote on a bill.  As you may know, EVERY... Read More


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