The District 36 Motorcycle Sports Committee meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each calendar month January through November and the 2nd week in December.  There is also an additional Annual Sanction Meeting held in September. See schedule below for meeting dates.

The District 36 Board of Directors are in discussions to keep using the Zoom platform for most of the monthly meetings and scheduling 4 meetings a year to be in-person as well as the Annual Sanction meeting for a total of 5 in-persons meetings a year. A schedule has not been set as of now and any input to the BOD on this from the members is welcome.  You can find the BOD members and email contacts listed here.

January 19th
Meeting Info
February 16th March 16th
Meeting Info
April 20th
Meeting Info
May 18th
Meeting Info
June 15th
Meeting Info
July 20th
Meeting Info
August 17th
Meeting Info
Annual Sanction Mtg Sept 10th **     Location
Monthly Mtg
Sept 21stMeeting Info
October 19th
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November 16th
Meeting Info

December 14th**

**denotes other than normal meeting dates.

The Monthly meeting’s are being held online via the Zoom platform until further notice.

Any in-person meetings will be held in the conference room at the Americas Best Value Inn in Vacaville, CA. or at a location announced with the meeting announcement.

Meetings commence at 7:30 pm and are typically well attended by both member clubs, promoters and many of the District Blue Coat Volunteers. District 36 members and non-members as guests’ are welcome to attend. The meetings start with a general meeting followed by a Competition Committee meeting (if called) and finishing with a Board of Directors Meeting.

**The District 36 Annual Sanction meeting is held the first or second Saturday of September each year starting at 9:00 am. Clubs and Promoters wishing to sanction meet dates for the following year are required to have representatives at this meeting.

Meeting Minutes

Regular Montly Meeting Location:
Live in-person meeting will be announced when they occur
Map To Meeting
Annual Sanction Meeting Location:

American Legion Hall 2020 Plymouth Road
Stockton, CA   95204