Putting on a Meet?
Here A
re Resources and Information.

If you are a promoter or a club and plan to put on a competition or non-competition meet as part of a District meet series you must be charted with District 36 and the American Motorcyclist Assoc.  You will find a link below that you can use to charter online with District 36 and a link to the AMA website.  There are also links for information and forms you will need for your meet.


Your flyer MUST be submitted to and approved by your Discipline Steward BEFORE distribution!

Please submit your flyer to your Discipline Steward at least 30 days prior to the date of your meet.

  • ALL Flyers are required to have the AMA and D36 logos.  
  • ALL Flyers must display the main Title Sponsor logos
  • ALL B/C Series flyers must show the B/C Presenter Sponsor logos.
    (See flyer requirement link below for flyer requirements and logos needed)
  • Review all the Flyer Requirements under the “Flyer Requirements” link below

Questions?  Contact your Discipline  Steward for more information.

Forms & Information:

District 36 Event Forms
D36 Charter Application 2024 Online
D36 Charter Application 2024 send Email request  to timekeeping101@gmail

D36 Schedule of Event Fees
D36 Event Checklist
D36 Referees Report Form
D36 Protest Form
D36 2024 Operations Manual
D36 Meet Flyer Requirements
AMA Risk Management
  (required from each club/promoter each year)

AMA Event Forms / Charter Forms
 Note:  this is a link to the AMA website with the
most Current AMA forms.  Very early in the year you may find that the new years’ forms are not  out, so use the forms available and change the year date at the  top of the form. This has been approved by the AMA to do so.