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Wondering what exactly the District 36 Legislative Action Office (LAO) is all about?  It’s about your RIGHT TO RIDE!

The LAO And It’s Benefits To You

In 1988 District 36 created the District 36 Legislative Action Office (LAO). This is a full-time program that’s only purpose is to monitor, protect and work against closures, unreasonable laws and State/Federal regulations that harm legal OHV recreation.  This office was created to address the issue of one riding area after another being closed or greatly reduced in size, affecting our events and trail riding opportunities on both public as well as private lands.

 When riding areas close or are unfairly restricted, it not only affects our clubs and promoters that put on events, but it also affects YOU, the weekend rider, as you lose places to ride.  You may or may not be aware of the constant barrage of anti-OHV groups that want to take away your access to public and even private lands for  legal motorized recreation.  If you are aware, you already understand that we must stand together.  If you are not, then you may be in for a rude awakening when, some day you go to your favorite riding area only to find a locked gate.

 To continue to fight for you we need revenue from memberships, but just as important, we need volunteers to be organized and keep an eye on their favorite riding areas, reporting back to our LAO office and holding public officials feet to the fire to protect our Right to Ride.  These efforts create clout and credibility for our sport.  The more members we have the louder our voice when dealing with elected and appointed officials who make decisions about how and where we ride.

 So how can you help?  First, you can join District 36.  Its  only thirty five dollars per year. That is the simplest way to get involved (and maybe good karma on the trail).  Second, get involved at any level you choose.  Usually there is a riding area you frequent and you may have some suggestions about making it better, or maybe your riding area is threatened.  Either way, we suggest you contact our LAO office and volunteer to help. Just you being able to go to local meetings and give us a heads up would be a tremendous help and our LAO officer will help you get started.

In the end you may be responsible in part for saving or improving your favorite riding area for generations of riders who follow you, including your kids and their kids. It’s a good feeling to go riding while carrying the pride of protecting a place you think is special.

 So thanks for caring and let’s work together to sustain a sport we all think so much of.

 Membership information and how you can join us can be found at:
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And while you’re there take a few minutes to browse our website and see what District 36 is all about. 

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To volunteer your help to our LAO office or to monitor issues close to you, please contact a District Official.

Would you like to head up our LAO office?  We are currently looking for someone that is passionate about protecting our Right to Ride as well as keeping our riding areas open! If so contact Jerry Fouts at:

Thank You for Caring! 


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District 36 Member Benefits

 If you have been riding in the Forests and State Parks for years and have never been a District 36 member, why would you want to join now?

  • First it’s inexpensive!
  • Provides access to D36 members only Facebook page and information
  • Includes you in the District 36 riding/racing community
  • Provides you with a District 36 newsletter.
  • Protects your right to ride by providing funding for our land use experts to fight to protect YOUR riding areas! Along with giving you personal access to the only full-time off-road motorcycle land use expert in Northern California.
  • Connects you with many other like minded off highway enthusiasts through our website, social media, and club listings. Want to find new riding areas? Our membership includes all of Northern California, Southern Oregon, and Northwestern Nevada.
  • Peace of mind that you have contributed to keeping our riding areas open.
  • Protected your children’s and grand children’s right to recreate on public land in the future.
  • There is power in numbers. As our membership increases, so does our influence on the decision makers in public agencies.

 Join now, what do you have to lose?


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