District 36’s Riding and Racing programs are operated by volunteers.  (We do not have a business office with staff.)  We do our best to answer all email communications and return telephone messages as promptly as possible, but sometimes it can take a few days for us to get back to you.  Please be considerate of the time of day/night you call these personal telephone numbers of our volunteers.  If you are interested in becoming a District 36 volunteer, contact our D36 Membership Director at: d36memberships@att.net for more information.

District 36 Motorcycle Sports Committee, Inc.
1296 East Gibson Road
Suite A-181
Woodland, CA   95776


Brad RosbachPresidentd36president@gmail.com831-998-0975
Al FitchVice Presidental.fitch@ama-d36.org925-787-9799
April LevensTreasurer d36treasurer@gmail.com 916-402-1488
Melissa LeFurgeSecretary d36secretary2019@gmail.com


Jeff IrwinDirector Of Competitionjeff_irwin@yahoo.com
Bruce SwenstonSanction 69rbruce@gmail.com
Lance DoyleCross Country Steward Adult d36ccsteward@gmail.com 209-662-1836
Al FitchCross Country Youthal.fitch@ama-d36.org925-787-9799
Carter FisherDirt Trackcf76f@aol.com916 425-2186
John DavisEnduroenduro@ama-d36.org
John DavisYouth/Family Enduroenduro@ama-d36.org
Katie PondWomen katieandersen8@gmail.com
Curt BackhausDual Sportoldedude15x@att.net


Bill McGibbonRulebook Chairmanbill.mcgibbon@ama-d36.org925-413-2434
Jill PattersonMembership Directord36memberships@att.net916-423-5075
Lance DoyleContingency Director d36ccsteward@gmail.com 209-662-1836
Cross Country Results InformationD36CCScoring@gmail.com
Laura CoinerYouth Cross Country Standings & Pointslccc86@gmail.com925-212-2307
Lance DoyleCross Country Standings d36ccsteward@gmail.com 209-662-1836
Lance DoyleCross Country B & C Advancements d36ccsteward@gmail.com 209-662-1836
Jim BoardmanEnduro Points/Standingsjimb_83@yahoo.com
Curt BackhausEnduro Advancementsoldedude15x@att.net
Oscar WahlbergYouth Enduro Points / Standingsd36fe@timekeepersmc.com
Dave BickleDirt Track Points/Standings/Advancementsdavid_bickle@yahoo.com650-676-0070
Don AmadorGovernment Affairs Representative - LAO damador@cwo.com
Jerry FoutsAMA ATV Congressmanjerry.fouts@ama-d36.org209-681-5613
Dave PickettAMA Off-Road Congressmand36LAO@volcano.net209-295-1207
Ed SantinAMA Off-Road Congressmanedwardsantin67@gmail.com916-952-8336
Bill McGibbonNewsletterd36newsletter@gmail.com925-413-2434
Bill McGibbonWebmaster / FB Administratorbill.mcgibbon@ama-d36.org925-413-2434