District 36’s Riding and Racing programs are operated by volunteers.  (We do not have a business office with staff.)  We do our best to answer all email communications and return telephone messages as promptly as possible, but sometimes it can take a few days for us to get back to you.  Please be considerate of the time of day/night you call these personal telephone numbers of our volunteers found on our Contact Page.  If you are interested in becoming a District 36 volunteer, contact a District 36 Official for more information.

Memberships Mailing Address:
District 36 Memberships
5588 Tares Cir.
Elk Grove, CA 95757


Ready To Join or Renew Your District 36 Membership?  Here is the place.

>>>To Join District 36 Online use this link below. 

Please Note When Joining District 36 Online:

  1. If you plan to enter an event within 16 days of your application, please do not use this form – sign up at the event”
  2. There is a $3 processing charge when using the online membership form. 
  3. To Answer Membership Questions it is strongly recommended you review all the information on this page before proceeding to the Online Membership Registration 

Join or Renew District 36 Membership Online (PayPal and Credit Cards)

>>> Other Ways To Join District 36


Go here to download a > MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION

The application includes instructions for submitting it by mail to our Membership Director.

Please fill out the application carefully and legibly and be sure to include a check or money order, payable to District 36 (*see membership fees below).

Allow 17-21 full mailing days for delivery of your membership card. If you plan to enter an event within 21 days of your application, please do not use this form – sign up at the event.


When you attend a District 36 event, you can join during the sign-up process.  Even if you’re not entering the event, you can still take advantage and join District 36 at the sign-up area.  Be prepared to fill out and pay for your application (checks payable to District 36 or cash only).  The event sponsoring club/promoter will forward your application and fees to District 36.

With this method, you will receive a receipt (copy of your application).  This will serve as proof of your District 36 membership at subsequent events, until you receive your membership card in the mail.  (This generally takes 14-21 days.  If you haven’t received your card at 30 days, please go to our contacts page to notify our Membership Director, as this receipt for your membership expires in 40 days.)



Important: Once your online registration has been completed you will receive a confirmation email from PayPal listing your payment and what the payment is for (membership).  Be sure to print this email and take with you to any events you attend as proof of your District 36 membership until you receive your membership card in the mail.  (This generally takes 10-16 days).  Your membership number will be assigned when your application gets processed.  If you haven’t received your card in 30 days, please contact our Membership Director at: d36memberships@gmail.com, as this receipt for your membership expires in 40 days.)


At the beginning of the month that your current membership expires, you will receive a renewal notice in the mail. (Please remember to notify our Membership Director when you have an address change.)  This will be the only renewal notice that you receive.  This application will have instructions for you to follow and a return envelope for your convenience.  If you’ve let your membership lapse for more than 3-4 months, verify the current Membership mailing address before you return your application in any pre-addressed envelope.

Membership Number Change

When you join District 36 you are assigned a membership number and will carry this number with you as long as you maintain membership.  At any time, a current member may request a membership number change by mailing in the written request/fee to the Membership Director at the address on the Number Change Request Instructions.  This sheet explains the costs and restrictions to being reassigned a D36 Membership number.  Please print and read the instructions carefully.

District 36 Membership Number Change Request Instructions


If you were a previous member, but that membership has been expired longer than one year, there is no guarantee that you will be reassigned the same membership number when your application is processed.  (The only way to guarantee that you’ll keep the same membership number is to keep your membership status current.)  Membership numbers that have been expired beyond one year get ‘released’ and they become available for assignment to new members, or to other current members who follow the number change request procedure.

(Cross Country racers – membership application receipts, number plates and/or transponders are not ‘proof’ of what one’s membership number is.  Only the current D36 membership card is legitimate ‘proof’ of what one’s membership number is.)

Available Memberships:

  • $ 40.00* – 1 Year Membership
  • $ 80.00* – 1 Year Family Membership (includes Spouse and children 17-&-under at same address.)  Must fill out one application per eligible family member.
  • $ 400.00* – Lifetime Membership
  • $ 15.00 – One-Meet Guest Pass can be purchased at any District 36 event (you will not receive a membership card or be assigned a membership number.)  All One-Meet Passes are valid for the entire meet they are issued for and expire at the conclusion of that Meet.
    * A $3 Processing fee is added when memberships are purchased online.

Please note:

  • All new members will be assigned the next available membership number from the District 36 data base when their application gets processed.  (Please do not order custom number plates until after you’ve received your District 36 membership card.)
  • For new members or those renewing after a year of ‘expired’ membership status:  Membership numbers cannot be assigned, held or promised in advance of the paid membership application being received/processed by the D36 Membership Director.
  • District 36 Membership expiration dates are determined by the month of purchase.  (E.g. Memberships purchased during the month of June expire the following May 31st and those purchased during the month of November expire the following October 31st.)
  • You must have your current District 36 and AMA membership cards, or valid receipts, with you at sign-ups for every District 36 event that you enter.
  • If anyone with a current D36 membership needs a replacement D36 membership card, the fee is $5.  The fee, along with the member’s full name, mailing address and D36 membership number needs to be mailed in at least 14 USPS working days prior to the date you need the card back.
  • Riding ability and racing ability are not the same thing.  New members to District 36 will be placed in the C class.  (Our Membership Director will not assign a classification other than C.)  You must contact the appropriate Discipline Steward (what kind of racing you do) for any class reassignment.  If you do so, please be prepared to supply proof of higher classification; such as a membership card from another District, AMA proof of the higher classification or documentation from another AMA recognized racing organization.  (Otherwise, you will need to earn the required advancement points to achieve a higher classification.)  Once the Membership Director is notified by the appropriate Steward, your classification will be changed.

Membership Cards Questions and Answers (understanding your membership card)

District 36 Rulebook  – Section 2, Membership Cards and Section 7.1, Advancements, can be reviewed to answer any other questions you may have.