Charter Applications For You!

To all that will be Chartering with District 36 for the remainder of this year and/or for 2022 we have updated the Charter Applications (you do not have to be a club or promoter that hosts meets to be a Chartered Member of District 36).

Please be sure to use the one for the correct year you are chartering for, either online (Much Preferred!) or the old fashion way with a mail in application (please print clearly).  On our Clubs & Promoters Resource Page we still have the 2021 Charter application as the year is only half over and have added the 2022 applications for those that like to plan ahead.

If you are promoting any kind of meet (competition or dual sport) under the District 36 umbrella for the 2021 fall or for 2022 you must be chartered with District 36.  Our annual Sanction Meeting is coming up Saturday September 18th and it’s STRONGLY advised to fill out your charter application online at least a week before the meeting.  You will be able to fill one out at the meeting but it slows the process and creates more work for the Sanction Steward so PLEASE fill it out on line here (2022) 

A useful link:   Here you will find all the forms you need to Charter, sanction and put on an event under Clubs & Promoters Resources.  There is a link to the operations Manual (aka: rulebook) that should answer any questions you may have about competition meets and something your referee should be familiar with (you can keep it on your smart phone or we will get you a printed copy).

Take a look at the main Menu on the website to find what resources you may need and then, if all else fails, go to the “contact Us” page for email and phone numbers of D36 officials.
While we’re always here and more that happy to answer questions, we prefer that you look up any information you need as we feel you will then know where to find it and where to look for other info.  Most of the time this is a lot faster than sending an email with a question and waiting for a response.  We don’t maintain an office and all the officials are volunteers and may not be readily available.  

District 36