2020 District 36 Schedule of Meets and Events

2019 Schedule of District 36 Meets and Events:

Special Events

09/07/2019 District 36 Sanction Meeting        Information and Forms

Dirt Track Sanction Meeting:
Date:  December 14th, 2019
Place: Habanero Hots   1024 E Victor Rd.  Lodi CA     MAP
Time:  1:00 pm

January 11, 2020

2019 Awards Banquet

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Cross Country

January 19-20 Rnd 1 Prairie City GP
February 16-17 Rnd 3 Picacho Creek HS
February 23-24 Rnd 4 MMX HS
March 30-31 Rnd 2 Lazy Bumb HS
April 06-07 Rnd 7 Honey Lake HS
April 07-07 Rnd 5 Old Crow Hare Scrambles
The Adult Classes were rained out on Sunday March 3rd. Sunday April 7th is the make up rain date.
April 13-14 Rnd 8 Shasta Dam GP
April 20-21 Rnd 9 Burrows Ranch HS
April 27-28 Rnd 10 SCRU Scrambles
September 14-15 Rnd 6 Phantom Hare Scrambles
Resheduled from Sping Series
September 28-29 Rnd 11 MMX HS
October 05-06 Rnd 12 Bigfoot Blitz
October 19-20 Rnd 13 Donner HS
November 02-03 Rnd 14 Lilliputian
November 09-10 Rnd 15 Blue Mountain HS
November 23-24 Rnd 16 Wilseyville

Enduro (listed in order of dates run)

(Enduro and Family Enduro are two separate series)
March  10Rnd-1 Wild Horse Sprint Enduro flyer
May  05Rnd-2 Fools Gold Enduro flyer
October  13Rnd-3 Coyote Creek Sprint Enduro-Adults flyer
October  26Rnd-4 49'er Enduro flyer
October  27Rnd-5 Jackhammer Enduro - CANCELLED 
November  02Rnd-6 Cowbell Enduro - CANCELLED 
November  10Rnd-7 Steam Donkey Enduro CANCELLED 
March  01Family Enduros 
March  23Rnd-1 Wild Piglet Family Enduro - CANCELLED 
March  31Rnd-2 HMC Family Enduro - CANCELLED 
May  04Rnd-3 Crazy Miner Family Enduro flyer
June  08Rnd-4 49'er Family Enduro flyer
October  12Rnd-5 Coyote Creek Family Enduro-Sprint flyer
October  26Rnd-6 49.5er Family Enduro flyer
November  24Rnd-7 Bearfoot Family Enduro CANCELLED 

Dirt Track

April  13 Rnd 1 Lodi MC ST 
April  27 Rnd 2 Lodi MC ST 
May  11 Rnd 3 Lodi MC ST 
June  01 Rnd 4 Stockton MC at Lodi ST 
June  08  Rnd 5 Lodi MC ST 
June  15 Rnd 6 Lodi MC - Toby Jorgensen Memorial ST 
June  22 Rnd 7 Lodi MC ST 
July  13 Rnd 8 Lodi MC TT 
July  27 Rnd 9 Lodi MC TT - 100 National 
August  03 Rnd 10 Lodi MC ST 
August  10 Rnd 11 Lodi MC Half-Mile at Stockton 
August  24 Rnd 12 Lodi MC ST 
September  07 Rnd 13 Lodi MC TT 
September  21 Rnd 14 Lodi MC TT 
September  29 Rnd 15 Lodi MC ST 
October  05 Rnd 16 Lodi MC TT 
October  19 Rnd 17 Lodi MC TT 
October  20 Rnd 18 Lodi MC ST 

Dual Sport 

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