Don Amador’s OHV Journey

For OHV friends, partners, and supporters who want to know the who/what/when/where concerning my outdoor recreation advocacy journey that started in Humboldt County and has ended up in Cottonwood, CA.

Recently, I was interviewed by Big Rich where we had a great conversation about my earlier life in Humboldt County growing up enjoying the great outdoors in the Pacific NW.

We also talk about a lot of subjects including my first motorcycle, recreating on nearby timber company property and public lands, what event started my land-use career, getting involved in the BRC and subsequently becoming their Western Representative, remembering the successes of the BRC /Turcke legal program (circa 1996-2000s), OHV politics, my run for Congress in 1998, getting the 2003 CA 96 dBA OHV Sound law enacted, rewriting the CA OHV Program via SB 742 in 2007, Oceano and other OHV challenges, getting riders engaged, finding common ground with conservation groups, cost recovery,  1984 Wilderness Act/trail closures, Timber Wars, building quality relationships with decision-makers and agency staff, import of on-the-ground trail decisions made at the local level, and many other topics.

Thanks to all of you who have been part of my journey!

Merry Christmas,

Don Amador
Quiet Warrior Racing/Consulting

Editors Note:  With Don moving on from District 36 we lost a great voice for OHV Racing and recreation, but Don is hardly finished as he continues to work hard on Land Use issues!