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What’s Happing In District 36………..

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     Dirt track Racing is winding down after a very successful year of Track Racing with a total of 23 races in the Championship Dirt Track Series.  Track Racing is a great spectator sport, exciting for the racers and exciting to watch as they go into a turn sideways handlebar-to-handlebar.  And if you missed it, the racing continues with Fast Times Promotions (a new promoter in D36) running a Short Track meet October 28th at the Dixon Speedway, followed by Lodi MC hosting a Short Track race at their Lodi Cycle Bowl November 4th.  Then Fast Times Promotions is coming back for the last two Short Track Races of the series where both will be run at Hills Ferry Raceway on the same weekend, November 11th and 12th,, closing the series.   Hats off to the promoters for all the work it takes to put the races on and to the racers that come out and compete an average of three times a month.

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     The District 36 Fall Championship Cross Country Racing series started September 15th with the Donner Hare Scrambles hosted by Garrahan Off-Road Training and followed by Riot At The Riverbed, hosted by MMX Racing.  But It’s not too late to get in more Cross Country Racing with the Lilliputian HS hosted by the Dirt Diggers North MC running November 4th & 5th followed by the Wilseyville HS hosted by NorCal MC on November 18th & 19th.
     And as a bonus to the Fall Series the Polka Dots MC is hosting the Prairie City GP December 2nd & 3rd.  This meet is normally the first race of the year but due to extreme weather conditions last winter the club had no choice but to take the December make-up date.  This move from first race to last is an anomaly that won’t become the norm as the “Dots” are coming back in 2024 as the first race of the year on January 13th & 14th.  This back-to-back hosting of their PCGP race will be a lot of work for the club but no doubt they can pull it off.

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     Enduros also are having a great year with a total of nine Full Enduros, six being the Sprint Format and three using the timekeeping Format.  Included in the mix are five family Enduros, two with the sprint format and three as timekeepers.  For the remainder of the series Oakland MC is hosting the Jackhammer Enduro that runs October 21st and their new LIL’L Hammer Family Enduro the following day on the 22nd, most likely after this is published.  Both are slated to use the timekeeper format.  Then there’s the Cowbell Enduro hosted by the Hayward MC running November 4th, again a timekeeper.  This followed by the Valley Climbers MC hosting the Steam Donkey Enduro November 12th, also a timekeeping format.  And last but certainly not least is the BearFoot Family Enduro, a really fun event put on by the Richmond Ramblers MC.  And yes, this is also a timekeeper.

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     Our newest discipline, MX-Grand Prix, now in its fourth Year had a slow start in 2020 during the height of COVID with only 3 races but has blossomed to 6 races in the series for 2023.  With more promoters looking at this type of racing we don’t believe the series will stay at 6 races.
     While all the Gran-Prix racing is done for the 2023 race year, we would like to acknowledge Round 5, the Trailblazer GP hosted by the Women’s Dirt Bike Riders Association, the second year for this meet.  This is the only race that was originally put on by the only all-women off-road racing club first chartered and acknowledged by the American Motorcyclist Association!

     All in all, a very successful racing year for everyone involved.  It’s going to be an exciting 2023 Awards Banquet for all the District 36 Champions, this year to be held at the Calaveras Cunty Fairgrounds, February 3, 2024.

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