Pacific Northwest OHV Action Alert

Comments Needed by the Feb. 2 Deadline

For all OHVers who love to ride dirt bikes, SxSs, ATVs, dual-sports, and ADV bikes on Forest Service and BLM lands in the Pacific Northwest, the Forest Service has issued a Notice of Intent to a public process that will update the 1994 Pacific Northwest Forest Plan.  Unfortunately, the federal land transportation system of designated roads, trails, and areas – used for recreation and wildfire suppression – has not been identified as an important element to analyze and incorporate into the planning effort. 


*The comment period has been extended until Feb. 2

Besides providing high-quality access for motorized recreation enthusiasts, the federal transportation system of roads and trails provides access for important wildfire suppression efforts and natural resource management projects. 

In late 2023, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) released economic data from the Outdoor Recreation Satellite Account for 2022 that shows the largest, most significant economic impact in its history and outdoor recreation’s powerful economic impact on the U.S. economy. These new figures reveal that outdoor recreation generates $1.1 trillion in economic output (2%,2% of GDP), 4. 98 million jobs, and 3.2% of U.S. employees.

The states in the planning area showed an economic benefit of $73.8B in California, $7.5B in Oregon, and $20B in Washington.   The top three outdoor recreation activities were RVing boating/fishing, and motorcycling/ATVs.

ARRA is asking its members to submit public comments using the comment website urging the Forest Service to include the Transportation road and trail system as a key issue in this planning process since it is a central theme in all of the current five key areas, and it should be included as a key focus area that undergoes a robust analysis to better inform the development of a broad range of alternatives would deprive the process of an important element.

Please use the comment link in the above announcement to send in your comments about the need for the Forest Service to include the Transportation System (roads and trails) to be added as a key focus area in the planning process. 


Americans for Responsible Recreational Access

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