Deer Creek HS Flyer Posted

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NorCal Motorcycle Club , host for the 2014 Deer Creek HS, Round 10 of the D36-SRT Championship  Cross Country Series Presented by Works Connection and host of the 2014 Deer Creek Youth HS, Round 10 of the D36-Motion Pro Championship Youth Cross Country Series Presented by Racer Decal,  has published the flyer for their meet.  The flyer is available on our D36 Events Calendar Page and for your convenience a link to the flyer is also posted below.

The flyer contains important information and race schedule.

Deer Creek Flyer

NorCal’s Deer Creek HS runs at Frank Raines Regional Park (directions on flyer) and this is their fifth year running so let’s get out and support them with some great racing!

The District 36 News Team


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Your Senator Has Called For a Massive National Monument Designation in Utah

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Creating this “National Monument” is a back door way to close another 1.4 Million Acres to motorized recreation by bypassing Congress.  This time Utah.  Next time your State?  Is this something you will ignore, thinking it can’t happen here?  Or will you join us and let your congressperson know your opposition to this?  If enough of us speak up we will be heard!!!
District 36 LAO

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In Your State…State-by-State Info

Access Issues, Public Meetings, Contact Information… all this and details about the National Forests in your state on ARRA’s comprehensive state pages.

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If you have already registered as an ARRA member, you can help be a stronger voice by sending e-postcards to others. Our grassroots movement needs more voices! Use our Tell-A-Friend page to help someone else stay informed by registering to receive ARRA’s legislative alerts and newsletters.
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To better help ARRA advocate for responsible access, please forward any messages you receive from Members of Congress in response to this or any ARRA alert Also, if you receive a message encouraging you to use a webform to send a message to a Member of Congress, please copy and paste the letter from the ARRA alert into the webform and send. Thank you.

Your Senator Has Called For a Massive National Monument Designation in Utah!

Send an Email to Your Senator Who Supports Designation Urging Him or Her to Reconsider 

Recently 14 Senators, none of whom are from Utah, wrote President Obama urging him to designate 1.8 million acres of the Greater Canyonlands in Utah as a National Monument.  The letter stated, “…we write to encourage you to consider using your authority under the Antiquities Act to declare Greater Canyonlands a national monument.” One of these Senators was from your state!

Please send an email letting your Senator know that massive, inappropriate National Monument designations are not the way forward in Utah or elsewhere.

You may recall that ARRA alerted you about a letter that non-motorized recreation organizations sent to President Obama roughly a year and a half ago. That group was urging the designation of 1.4 million acres in the Greater Canyonlands as a National Monument.  The new letter signed by Senators from states such as Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Vermont calls for President Obama to designate an additional 400,000 acres more than asked for in the original letter.  Never mind that just the 400,000 additional acres alone are more than half the size of the entire state of Rhode Island.  Where does it stop?

Also, keep in mind that there is an ongoing process in the Eastern part of Utah known as the Public Lands Initiative about which the Moab Sun News recently reported:

“In what has in recent months seemed to be an unbridgeable divide, there are signs of growing consensus between the Grand County Council and representatives from the recreation industry in developing a land-use recommendation for Congressman Rob Bishop’s (R-Utah) Utah Public Lands Initiative.”

Today responsible recreation is being jeopardized in Utah – tomorrow it might be your state!

The 14 Senators who want to forgo an ongoing existing local process in favor of a unilateral designation from Washington, D.C. are:

Dick Durbin (D-IL), Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Sherrod Brown (D-OH), Tom Harkin (D-IA), Ed Markey (D-MA), Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Patty Murray (D-WA), Brian Schatz (D-HI), Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) and Bernie Sanders (D-VT).


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Primetime HS Flyer Posted

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Timekeepers MC , host for the 2014 Primetime HS, Round 9 of the D36-SRT Championship  Cross Country Series Presented by Works Connection and host of the 2014 Primetime Youth HS, Round 9 of the D36-Motion Pro Championship Youth Cross Country Series Presented by Racer Decal,  have  published the flyer for their meet.  The flyer is available on our D36 Events Calendar Page and for your convenience a link to the flyer is also posted below.

The flyer contains important information and race schedule.

Primetime HS  Flyer

The Primetime is the opening round for the Cross Country fall B/C Series.  It’s time to get the bike out, dust it off, gas it up and lets go racing.

The District 36 News Team

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Wild Horse Enduro and Wild Pony Youth/Family Enduro Flyers Posted

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Western States Racing Association, host for the 2014 Wild Horse Enduro, Round 3 of the D36-SRT Championship  Enduro Series and host for the 2014 Wild Pony Youth / Family Enduro, Round 3 of the  D36-SRT Championship Youth/Family Enduro Series, have published the flyers for both these meets.  The flyers are available on our D36 Events Calendar Page and for your convenience links to the flyers are also posted below.

The flyers contain important information and have an attached entry form.

Drawing for pre-entries close Sept 16, 2014 so get your entry in early.  Post entry is available at the meet.

Wild Pony Youth/Family Enduro Flyer   Sept 27, 2014

Wild Horse Enduro Flyer   Sept 28, 2014

These two meets are well known for challenging and fun courses laid out in the desert of Nevada.  If you’ve been there you already know and if you haven’t, come out and see what you’ve been missing.

2013-09-29 10.08.422013 Wild Horse

The District 36 News Team

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Mike Bates Is Battling Back From His Spinal Cord Injury.

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Mike 1And you can help…

That guy…the smart, funny, tough, talented one who works hard and plays harder. He tirelessly serves his country, his many friends, strangers in need, and most of all his family. He lives every day with amazing love, passion, and dedication to those around him. That guy is Mike Bates.

On November 25, 2011, Mike was dealt his greatest challenge of all…while motorcycling with his son Nick, Mike suffered a terrible accident which caused a debilitating spinal cord injury. This level of injury is often fatal and multiple times in the hours and days following, the medical professionals didn’t know if Mike would survive, much less do so without severe brain damage…but they also didn’t know Mike.

He survived with all his mental capabilities intact. Due to the efforts of some great docs and nurses, the support of his friends and family, but mostly due to his own toughness and persistence, Mike has made amazing progress in his physical recovery. He has re-learned to breathe, use a computer, and even walk short distances with assistance. As always, Mike has faced this challenge with determination, bravery, and his ever present smile.

Mike 4The next step in Mike’s recovery is a stem-cell treatment in Panama in August. Due to the slow progress of stem cell research and limited available trials, Mike needs to travel out of the country and self-fund this experimental treatment. To cover the cost, which may help Mike in critical quality of life areas, he is launching a Crowdfunding campaign…..and like everything Mike does, its guaranteed to be fun and unique.

For Mike’s whole life he’s been the one helping others, and he honestly struggles being the one asking for help, but he needs your assistance. If you’re able to donate, or help share Mike’s story, or even just want to offer up some additional prayers while staying up to date on Mike’s progress with the Panama trip and the results of this experimental treatment, please go to:

Thank you for your past and continued support and prayers, Steve Bates, D36 Redding Dirt Riders 109R

All proceeds to benefit the Help Hope Live 501(c)3 Southwest Spinal Cord Injury fund for Mike Bates

Mike 3

Attention District 36 Life Members!

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For those of you with LIFE Memberships only, please:

District 36 would like to make sure that we have your current contact information.  

In our ongoing efforts to keep our membership records up to date, we are asking our Life Members – those who normally don’t renew their memberships annually – if they have moved or if they have changed phone numbers and/or email addresses.

Please check your D36 Life Membership card to see if your current address is listed.  If your address, phone number or email has changed since submitting your D36Life Membership application, please send an email to with all of the following information: 

  • Full Name (first and last)
  • D36 Membership Number
  • Full Mailing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

If you have lost/cannot find your D36 Life Membership card, please email for instructions on how to get a replacement card.

Thank you,

Jill Patterson
AMA-D36 Membership Director 

(District 36 does not sell, distribute, or share in any manner our membership information with other entities.)

D36 Youth Cross Country Riders Advanced

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District 36 is proud to announce the list of our Youth Cross Country Riders that have advanced to the next higher racing class.  Congratulations to all of these young racing competitors.  We are looking forward to the fall seasons’ battles yet to come on the race course!

Good luck to all you and have a great racing year!!

Riders Advanced To:

AA                                                   B85 (7-11)
Jeremy Coiner                         Alex Oliveria

Mason Parker                           Tallon Marshall

Lochlan Campbell                   Riley Doyle

Tyler Ducray                              Logan McChesney

Eli Ruggiero


A 85                                               B 85 (12-15)
Zac Bennett                             Justin Olivereia

Garrett Martini                        Tyler Doyle

Ryan Soldano                           Parker Borg


A 50                                                B 65
Brock Archuleta                      Jon Wolfson

Tyler Kilby                                  Shane Heywood

Italio Ruggiero



Pioneer OHV Legislator Honored

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Back in the early 1970’s, OHV organizations approached a Democrat and a Republican state legislator, and offered an idea to them in a bipartisan manner to create an Off Highway Vehicle Program for the State of California due to the fast paced growth of OHV recreation.  GENE CHAPPIE was one of those legislators.

Gene ChappiGene is now being honored by a recommendation from the County of El Dorado to name State Highway 193 in his honor.

This recommendation was forwarded to State Senator Ted Gaines, also an OHV enthusiast who is initiating the process to make this happen.

Gene, who passed away in 1992, was an avid OHV enthusiast his whole life and will be remembered always for his many contributions to and support of the OHV community.

D36 will send a letter of support for this action to Senator Gaines to show OHV support in Northern California.

For those of you that didn’t have the pleasure of knowing Gene and those of you that did this story about Gene in the Mountain Democrat newspaper is an excellent read.

Dave Pickett
D36 LAO Director


Buckhorn Enduros Canceled

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District 36 has been notified by the Redding Dirt Riders MC that they have decided to cancel the Buckhorn Youth/Family Enduro originally scheduled for October 4th and the Buckhorn Enduro originally scheduled for October 5th.  No decisions have been made as of this writing for their Enduros in 2015.

While we regret the loss of the two enduro meets this year, we look forward to the club’s continued involvement in hosting meets in the future…..

The Redding Dirt Riders will host their Shasta Dam Grand Prix in mid-April of 2015.

Bill McGibbon
AMA-District 36 Director of Competition

Tahoe NF Lawsuit update: OHV Groups need your help.

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Federal Judge Mendez sided with the USFS/Department of Agriculture, in the appeal process that it is legal to bill for direct costs.  This bill, a form of “Cost Recovery” is to be paid by the Plaintiffs in the Tahoe NF case, as directed by Judge Mendez.

The Friends of the Tahoe Lawsuit are asking for help in paying the near $15,000 in direct legal costs………….Please click on the following links Below for more information, or contact  or call Jacquelyne Theisen at 530-888-8302 for more information.  They could use your help………………

Please follow these links for more information and to find out how you can help.

Request for Help

Friends of Tahoe Access Press Release

District 36 LAO
Dave Pickett


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