LAO Opinion On Oceano Dunes Dust Hoax


By Don Amador

July 10, 2019


After attending and/or reviewing video and other documents obtained over the years from various public meetings related to “toxic dust ” supposedly created by OHV use at Oceano Dunes SVRA, I have a deep concern that Coastal Commission Staff have perpetuated and promoted a myth created by the San Luis Obispo Air Pollution Control District (APCD) that the air in Nipomo Mesa contains dangerous amounts of crystalline silica dust.

Guarding Our Right To Ride

Crystalline silica dust is an acute inhalation health risk. It can cause silicosis and lung cancer and so is regulated by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) based on exposure during an 8 hour work day.

However, airborne particulate matter—dust/blowing sand—encountered in a commercial, residential or rural environment is not hazardous like silica dust though it is still regulated by federal and state air quality agencies. These regulations are based on PM10 dust concentrations averaged over a 24-hour period and assume the dust does not include particles of acute toxicity, such as crystalline silica.

For more than 10 years, the APCD has made unsubstantiated claims that PM10 detected on the Mesa contains toxic amounts of crystalline silica dust. Further, the APCD said the silica dust was from OHV use at the SVRA. These claims were presented in various APCD reports and correspondence, and stated by APCD representatives at public meetings. The claims were then repeated and amplified by public officials, agencies, members of the public, and the local press.

At a March 21, 2018 meeting of the APCD’s Hearing Board, APCD’s Larry Allen was forced to concede publicly that crystalline silica in dust on the Nipomo Mesa was not an issue. He stated, “Well, you know it’s a red herring…it has no bearing whatsoever.”

It is a falsehood that the air of Nipomo Mesa contains hazardous amounts of crystalline silica dust. It is just one of many falsehoods and misleading statements made by the APCD in its quest to malign a state park and legal OHV recreation.

The APCD toxic dust hoax should rightfully invalidate the stipulated order of abatement and other management decisions that were based on a lie. 

Don Amador
Government Affairs
AMA District 36



Many of you have been following the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Proposed OHRV Regulatory Amendments to the Red Sticker Program. The official 45-day comment period started on March 8 and ends on April 22, 2019 at 5 p.m. There will be a CARB hearing on April 25 but the most important action you can take is to send in a comment, since a decision will most likely have been made before the board meets.

On April 10, D36 LAO submitted formal comments with a common sense “Competition Stakeholders Alternative.” D36 believes the CARB staff proposal falls short since it continues to rely on incomplete data sets or misguided understanding of what “competition” means to affected riders, land managers, rural economies, OHV dealerships, law enforcement of OHV policies, conservation/restoration efforts, trail ethic education programs, and organized OHV clubs and/or motorcycle competition sanctioning bodies.

Unfortunately, it also appears that CARB has failed to understand and capture the importance of riders having access to meaningful practice for competition events on private, local, state, and federal lands.

D36 believes the collective weight of the proposal could have an unintended and devastating impact on competition events, riders, and other related stakeholders including land management agencies in the State of California.

D36 respects the limited amount of time that most riders have available to attend meetings and write letters. But since this issue will shape the future of competition motorcycle events and practice riding for decades to come, the D36 LAO is asking you to send a short letter to CARB asking them to support
the D36 Competition Stakeholder proposal that seeks to meet the following CARB objectives listed below in bullet format.

  • Ensure law enforcement has the ability to access vehicle ownership and registration for competition off-road motorcycles through use of a 17 digit VIN. Additional benefit for financing and insuring competition labeled off-road only motorcycles.
  • Ensure competition off-road motorcycle owners fund OHV-related land management, restoration, law enforcement, vehicle registration, safety, education, and youth training programs.
  • Allow for the purchase, operation, and resale of competition labeled off-road motorcycles for use by racers at sanctioned “closed-course” or skill-based off-road motorcycle competition events (i.e. GP, Hare Scrambles, Enduros, Trials, etc.) and for practicing for participation at sanctioned off-road motorcycle competition events.
  • Safeguard the future of off-road motorcycle races/events and related race practicing.

Again, D36 is asking its members who want to preserve our access to competition motorcycles to take a couple of minutes to send in a simple comment letter to CARB asking them to adopt our alternative or some version thereof. Feel free to cite the bullet points above and/or add any specific comments about what competition means to your family and friends.

Send Letter using the CARB online comment form link 

If you have time, also send your letter to the CARB Clerk at:
and send a copy to the D36 LAO at:

To read comments submitted by D36 and others, please use the link below

Thanks in advance for taking time to participate in this regulatory process.

Don Amador
Government Affairs
AMA District 36 LAO

Old Crow Sunday Races Postponed!

2019 Old Crow Hare Scrambles

Saturday  Races all ran

Sunday Races Rained Out And
Reschedule Date Will Be Announced Soon

The Red Neck Roosters have announced that the Old Crow started and finished the Saturday races (youth day) but due to rain have postponed the Sunday Races (adult day).  At this time there is no official notice on a reschedule date.

For questions contact Liz at 

Lazy Bumb HS New Date!

The 2019 Lazy Bumb Hare Scrambles 
New Date       >>>>>>>>    March 30th & 31st   <<<<<<<<      New Date
A Mojo Motosport Championship Cross Country Series.

Round 2 of the District 36 – SRT Adult Championship Cross Country Series presented by SpecBolt.

Round 2 of the District 36 – Motion Pro Youth Cross Country Championship Series presented by Honda, Kawasaki, KTM of Modesto


Stuff To Know……….


You MUST have:

  • Current AMA Membership Card**
  • Current District 36 Membership Card**
  • Scoring transponder compatible with D36 scoring equipment (available at signups)
  • USFS approved spark arrestor
  • Correct number plate and number-letter colors for your class on front and side plates
  • Correct numbers and letter sizes required (see D36 Operations Manual Section 3.2.2 for youth and section 6.14 thru 6.17.2 for adults)
  • Riding numbers on both sides of Helmet below the helmet strap.

AMA and District 36 Rules apply

**If you need to Join or renew give yourself extra time at sign-ups.

Date:    March 30 & 31 2019
Place:  21119 Panoche Rd, Paicines, CA 95043

Racing starts at:  8:30 am on Saturday and 9 am on Sunday

See flyer for more details

Lazy Bumb HS Flyer

Map to the Lazy Bumb HS


707 dirtdiggers-300x295

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As some of you already know, the OHMVR Division has been given a court order (due to ongoing litigation) to close off public access across the SRI creek crossing at Carnegie SVRA. Closure becomes effective on Monday 1-21-2019.

Areas impacted by closure.

  • The 4×4 Play Area.
  • The MX Track and gravel parking lot.
  • The Trials Area.

Access to Kiln Canyon and SRI Loop will be through Los Osos Trail.


The SVRA is working through the permitting process to restore public access to the affected areas. It is expected the OHVMR Division will provide an official update on this issue at the March 1, 2019 OHMVR Commission meeting.

AMA District 36 asks our members to honor the temporary closures and thanks you for your patience in the matter.  Be assured that District 36 will continue our work with the OHV Division on this all too important issue.  Stay tuned for future updates.

Don Amador
AMA District 36, Government Affairs

49er & 49er Family Enduros Postponed .

An announcement received by the Polka Dots MC…..

It’s with great sadness and frustration that we got the final word from the Forest Service that due to our rain gauge being over 1/2″ within 48hrs our 49er Enduro and our 49er Family enduros are POSTPONED!

As a club this hurts, but we are more bummed for you the rider especially knowing how perfect it will be , this is frustrating on many levels but ultimately we are responsible for the permit we signed which states .25″ within a 48hr prior to event.. it’s at double that now and they have had over an inch in the last 24 hrs..

We hope everyone gets out and recreates iN YOUR NATIONAL FORESTS ( what’s not burned up) in these awesome’s open to the public , just not to us as an event!!
We will look for a date in late Oct for a make up!

Polka Dots MC

Bigfoot Biltz Next Weekend!


The Bigfoot Blitz Hare Scrambles hosted by a new (to District 36) Club, the Siskiyou County Off-Road Riders (S.C.O.R.R.) is running their Race at MT. Shasta Ski Park, a brand new venue for our racers!

The racing program will kick off on Saturday at 8:00 AM with AA / A / B / C  Quad Racing!  Youth motorcycle racing follows starting at 10:30 am.  On Sunday the adult racing starts at  9:00 am with the C class (see flyer for details).

$1000.00 Overall Purse plus 100% AA Pro Payback!  And this included the AA Quad races!

Racing Is On …. Rain – Shine or Snow.

This race pays advancement points only and is not part of the D36 2018 CC Championship Series

Stuff To Know……….

You MUST have:

  • Current AMA Membership Card**
  • Current District 36 Membership Card**
  • Scoring transponder compatible with D36 scoring equipment (available at signups)
  • USFS approved spark arrestors
  • Correct number plate and number-letter colors for your class on front and side plates
  • Correct numbers and letter sizes required (see D36 Operations Manual Section 3.2.2 for youth and section 6.14 thru 6.17.2 for adults)
  • Riding numbers on both sides of Helmet below the helmet strap.

AMA and District 36 Rules apply

**If you need to renew or purchase either or both they will be available at sign-ups.  One day cards will also available at the meet only.  You may join or renew your District 36 membership HERE  and/or join or renew your AMA Membership HERE (be sure to print out your receipt as proof of membership and keep with you until you receive your membership card(s)).   NOTE:  if the race is less than 21 days away don’t join through mail in…give yourself extra time at sign-ups and join or renew at the meet.

Date:    September 22 & 23, 2018
Place:   Mt. Shasta Ski Park   4500 Ski Park Hyway, McCloud, CA 96057

Racing starts at:  8:30 am on Saturday and 8:00 am on Sunday

See flyer for more details

Bigfoot Blitz Flyer

Map to The Race

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