OHMVR History Bulletin

For many Americans, getting out into nature to recreate with family and friends is an important and time-honored tradition. Motorized recreation is often part of that tradition, whether driving on backcountry roads to get to a trail or camping spot, camping in recreation vehicles (RVs), riding of-highway vehicles (OHVs) or a combination of all three. In California, many of these destinations are part of California State Parks’ Of-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation (OHMVR) Program or are OHV areas supported through the OHMVR Grants Program.

California’s OHMVR Program will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2021. Legislation, first enacted in 1971 and
expanded since then, ensures that OHV opportunities in California are managed to sustain and protect areas for long-term motorized recreation…..Read full story……