Cowbell Route Sheet Posted (see full article for special note from HMC)

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The Route Sheet for the 2015 Cowbell Enduro, Round 6 of the 2015 District 36SRT Championship Enduro Series, is now posted (see link below) 

A Special Note From Hayward MC:  1) Some people have mistakenly come to believe that Cowbell Enduro was impacted by the Lake County Fires. That’s not true! We can’t even see a fire scar from any of our trails!  2) The rains have come to the Mendocino Forest and the conditions are GREAT  and 3) Since the WFO Enduro has met with permit issues that stopped it this year, The Cowbell is the last enduro in the D-36 Enduro Series! – Thanks – Cliff   Pres. Hayward M.C.

As well as this being a District 36-SRT Champions meet, this year Hayward MC is offering an additional “Old School Timekeeping” class.  This class is just for fun and will not pay D36 points but finisher pints and trophies will be awarded.  The catch…No Computers will be allowed.  This will be “old School” timekeeping with an odometer and watch (Jart charts will be allowed).

Date:           November 7, 2015
Place:          Middle Creek Campgrounds, Upper Lake, CA
Key Time:  8:30 am
See flyer for details and an entry form.

Entries still available at meet!

Cowbell Route Sheet

Cowbell Flyer

Map to Meet

Remember to get signed up for the Contingency  Program if you ride a KTM or Husky.  Get paid to ride!  Once you sign up it’s good for the year and counts at all Enduros in our series.
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