San Benito Supervisors Hammer BLM on Clear Creek Plan

Hammers BLM regarding Clear Creek!

June  17, 2014

The San Benito Board of Supervisors, by a vote of 5-0, created a Resolution stating the County advises the Federal Secretary of the Interior (BLM) with a scalding letter citing a “VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE” towards the Hollister Field Office of the BLM, with the basis upon the BLM Record of Decision & Resource Management Plan regarding the Clear Creek Management Area.

This is a rare occurrence for a County to chastise an agency of the Federal Government via a public process.

As D36 LAO only has a DRAFT copy of the proposal that passed, it won’t be posted here until the approved copy is received.

For D36 Members – this important action continues to show that CCMA is not a dead issue in our eyes, and we will continue to make effort to get CCMA open for our members, and our clubs for OHV/MC recreation and events.

Curiously, the letter is CC’d to Rick Cooper- HH/BLM Manager, the House Natural Resources Committee, and Neil Kornze, Dir of BLM

More as we know it.

If you can’t wait, and want to see the draft, go to SB BOS website, 6/17/14 Agenda (go to page 534 on this document to see draft letter)

Dave Pickett